Congratulations ActiveRain Ambassadors

Join Me in Welcoming and Congratulating our First Round of ActiveRain RainMaker Ambassadors.

Thank you to the entire network and AR Community for the outpouring of responses and support. We are just a little overwhelmed.  This is the first round of elected RainMaker Ambassadors.  We do have many more on deck and will be reaching out to additional members in the days and weeks ahead.  Click on their photos to send a personal “congratulations” message if you like.

(Left to Right)  Ann Allen, Carol Smith, Carolyn Tann Starr, Charles Buell, Chris Ann Cleland, Christine Donavan, Courtney Cooper, David Childress, Dean Moss, Debe Maxwell, Jason Crouch, Jeff Belonger, Jeff Dowler, Jennifer Allan, Jesse Clifton, Jim Crawford, Jo Soss, Karen Kruschka, Kirk Westervelt, Kristin Moran, Lane Bailey, Larry Bettag, Lisa Udy, Lizette Fitzpatrick, Loreena Yeo, Marchel Peterson, Margaret Rome, Matt Stigliano, Maureen McCabe, Midori Miller, Michael Jones, Missy Caulk, Monica Ray, Norma Toering, Rita Burke, Russel Ray, Ryan Shaughnessy, Steve Hoffacker, The Somers Team – Christopher and Stephanie, Steve Shatsky, Tim Cash, Billie Tutas (TLW), Todd Clark, Virginia Hepp and William Johnson.




We’re very excited about the Ambassador Program and know that these members are too.  Thanks and Congrats!
If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador in your area and you qualify, CLICK HERE for more information.

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