Contact Management for Business

Every successful small or large business is built on people and relationships. Having a database of clients and potential prospects is critical in any industry. My questions to you is this, “Do you really need a CRM or client/contact management system?”

This might help you answer that question…

What did you have for breakfast last week Tuesday? Who called you on the phone right after breakfast that day? Who and what was the name of the last person a past client referred to you? When is your next dentist appointment? Who won the world series? What was the first question I asked you? Ah ah ah, NO PEEKING!! lol~

If you know all the answers above, then you probably don’t need a CRM!

The point is that without some type of calendaring system, a contact manager, a way to follow-up with past and future opportunities and commitments etc, you could be missing out on a lot of potential closings and client or prospect opportunities?

Great content will cultivate contacts and potential clients, but you still need to capture and convert them to be successful in any business. It’s the follow-up plan, the marketing campaigns, and the on-going communications and processes that will make the difference in your conversion ratios.

Here are some sites that are very well known in the real estate industry (and in other industries) as some of the best CRM platforms, contact managers, marketing/advertizing management and applications on the web.

Each of these sites offers something different, some are geared directly to real estate, others require some customization and manipulation to be exactly what you may desire and need to manage your business. Only you can decide based on your personal preference and needs which one might be right for you, your clients, and your future prospects.






Regardless of which CRM or contact management system you use or choose, remember these 5 important items:

1. You need a database of clients and prospects to build and grow any business

2. Easy and quick Mobile access to your clients and their information is crucial

3. Applying a drip or marketing campaign with a follow-up tickler system is key
     (your action plans are what keep you on track with all facets of your daily business)

4. Great Customer service, retention, and follow-up  is what builds referral business

5. Your client database will generate huge ROI as part of your exit strategy

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