Copyright Laws and You – All You’ll EVER Need To Know

I just got off the phone with Lenn Harley, one of our ActiveRain resident members and experts on the topic of Copyright, and I am excited to tell you, she’ll be joining us, (The AR Staff) “Live” this Thursday on Rain Radio. Lenn has even contacted her attorney, Paul Thaler, ESQ. from International Square in Washington DC to join us.

We’ll have as many answers as we can, to as many of the questions you may have.  Copyright, plagiarism, cut and paste emails, screen captures, jokes, recipes, clip-art, logos, cartoon photos, and anything else you can possibly think of.  This is a rare, one time shot to get your questions answered by an Attorney, and an expert who knows the laws, and your rights.

I hope all of our members will participate by either listening in, or calling in to learn and discuss this really important topic.  We are trying to clean up the community and at the same time, help protect our members and friends.  After an extensive conversation with Lenn just the other day, I can’t begin to tell you how important this is to us all.  Lenn made it a point to contact Paul to clarify a few questions we both had regarding email, screen shots, and photos, I was shocked by some of the copyright laws.  You might be too.   We’ll be sharing this information with anyone who is interested.  It’s important to know how this can, and will affect you now, and in the future.  I know for a few members, it already has.

The AR RAIN RADIO Broadcast is this Thursday, November 13th, at 11:00am PDT. It’s a one hour Talk-Show, and it will cover everything you ever wanted to know about the Copyright Laws, violations, and the repercussions of what happens if or when you get caught.  You can either use the “Live” chat, you can phone in and ask questions, or you can just listen in as we breakdown these COPYRIGHT LAWS into bite size and understandable pieces.  What questions are most important to YOU, I’d love to share them on the air?  If you have to miss this broadcast, I’ll try and post the show here after, as I’m sure we’ll be referring many here in the future.

The phone number to call in is:

Call-in Number:  (347) 677-1643

Here’s the Website To Chat or Just Listen In

About Paul Thaler:

“In 2000, Mr. Thaler successfully litigated a case of first impression in the Commonwealth of Virginia concerning the ownership of an Internet domain name.”; This was Lenn’s case.  Thank you Lenn and Paul for doing this for us, and for helping out the ActiveRain Community and the On-Line Internet World. I’m Looking forward to a fantastic hour with you both, and finally bringing some clarity to this very hot topic.  We’re honored that you would both take the time out of your busy day to share this hour with us. Thanks.

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EDITED and UPDATED 11/13/08
Recorded From Today’s Broadcast

If you missed today’s show, and want answers to some of these questions, just click play on the image below.  I want to thank Lenn Harley and Paul Thaler for their time today, and for sharing their wealth of information and knowledge with us all.

Here’s some of the questions we covered today:

  • Can I cut and Paste Jokes, Recipes, Cartoons etc?
  • Can I use Youtube’s embed codes on my site? Are Links ok?
  • Can I record a video or audio of a performer and post it or use the music on my own production?
  • Can I do a screen capture or use snagit, and then post about it using the image I’ve captured?
    (many of us use these for tutorials etc.)
  • How much text is considered a legal snippet from the original author?
  • I subscribe to a service that provides Newsletters, Reports, Graphs, Market Statistics – can these be posted?
  • Link backs and source – attribution. What’s required?
  • Are quotes from people OK to use just with the Authors name? EX: Quotes by famous people?
  • Are we allowed to copy images from Google Earth – to use as MLS photos or on our websites?
  • What are the fines and repercussions of copyright infringement?
  • What’s required to protect my Blog, My emails, My photos, and my originally authored content?
  • How do you know when someone has violated YOUR copyrights?
  • How do you track it?

Here’s answers to these questions and others that were addressed today on our broadcast. I hope you’ll find this information useful and valuable.  The benefits of knowing this stuff about copyright laws will help keep our network and community protected, and help keep YOU out of court and settlements.

Copyright Laws and You – Thu, 13 Nov 2008 15:46:04 -0600 Download MP3 (2557 KB)

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