Corporate America Top 50 FaceBook Pages

Here are the top 50 Corporate America Company’s that are Social Networking and engaging their customers and followers on FaceBook.  This is a great presentation and represents primarily that protecting your Brand and reputation while providing value and benefits to customers is important.  A marketing tool yes, but also a key ingredient for any business’s success in the future using the Social Media phenomenon.

These are company’s most of you will be familiar with, the question is, what does your company think about Social Media and representing itself on the largest Social Media Network in the world?  Large or small, popular or unknown, serious consideration should be given to how and why your company should be on FaceBook building, marketing, protecting, and defending their brand and reputation.

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  3. Great slide show. But BIG companies. I am beginning several business projects and will be using facebook and blogging to introduce them. I think the potential of social networks is extraordinary.

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