The Blogging Success Cycle

The Blogging Success Cycle – Today we are talking about the key ingredients for a successful Blog.  If you’re looking to create a Successful Blogging Cycle, you’ve come to the right spot for some ideas, tips, tricks and techniques that have been proven over time to work for many individuals and businesses.

Before You Begin: Some things to consider…

  • Know your niche and target audience
  • Plan your content – Have value-added content
  • Use Passion when Selecting your Niche
  • Don’t sell, deliver experience, wisdom, and information

The Blogging Success Cycle: Sample Scenario

What is a successful Blog?
* It’s a blog or site that attracts attention and visitors from the content.
* It is cosmetically appealing yet ranks high in the search engine results.
* It captivates and provides value enough to inspire and motivate return visits.
* It must have the ability to capture visitors information for follow-up and conversion.

8 Personal Tips for Success:
Great Title – SEO and Draws attention to your post
Awesome Awesome Content – Who you are Transparency
Anchor Text links – go to the BIG DOGS  Don’t Use CLICK HERE!
Keyword/Phrases placement and Tags
Add images, photos and graphics
Mix it up with video, audio, and podcasts
Distribution Advertising and Marketing
Variety of Content – Local, Community, Personal, News, How To, and musings!

5 Top Ingredients:

1. Community Content 2. Cultivate 3. Connect and Convince 4. Capture 5. Convert

SEO and Google Juice?
How well do WordPress and Blogger Blogs Rank? Search these terms to see:

Real Estate Financial Goals
Real Estate Video Blog
SF Bay Area Real Estate Info
Real Estate Tech World

Remember: Blogging is NOT a sprint to the win, it IS a marathon to the victory!


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