Getting To Know ActiveRain – I Want To Know…

If you could ask just one question of the ActiveRain Staff, what would it be?  Would you ask Jon if he really owns that Van on his Blog header?  Would you ask Bob who really stays up with Kelan at night?  Maybe Rich, to find out what caused his obsession with Crabs?  Or Me, like when do I ever sleep?  lol~  We will ALL be on the air at the same time this week, to answer ANY questions YOU have.

The Q&A Talk Show “LIVE”

Here’s your chance to ask anything you’d like to know from us or about us.  There will be many callers, so we wanted to give you the chance to have “first” shot at us.  We will be live on “R.A.I.N Radio” and we’d love if you’d all join us.  If you ask your questions here, there’s a much greater chance we’ll get to it than if you call in.  Maybe you’re new to the community, and you’d just like to meet your ActiveRain staff and TEAM, we welcome you to listen in.

Here’s Your Options:

Ask your question here, then Go to RainRadio and just listen in “live” this Thursday.

Call (347) 677-1643, and listen over the phone, you may end up on the air with us.

Select Private below if you wish to remain anonymous, we may still use your question, but keep you confidential.

Or, listen to the recorded Podcast posted on RainRadio, then download to iTunes, iPod, iPhone or Desktop to listen later.

We’re giving away Bonus Points.

Ask your question here, the “best” question wins 1000 points.

If you “call in” your Question and it’s voted “best” question win 500 points.

If we use your question from this post on the air, get kudos, credit, and 250 points.

Ask a question here and we don’t use it, you’ll still get 25 points. (Big Smile) 🙂

Ask question confidentially below, we may use it, but no points will be awarded.

So bring it on, give us your best shot, have at us, now is your chance, don’t hold back!
  What do you want to know more than anything else? Don’t be afraid to ask?  We’ll be broadcasting “live” this Thursday at 11:00am PDT.  I was hoping to keep our shows down to 15 minutes, but with an opportunity like this, I think we better go the full hour! lol~ 

This will be a fun and interesting program, I really hope you’ll tune in and join us. Don’t forget to rate us.
For all future show, announcements, guests, topics and programs, you’ll find them listed at RainRadio along with all previous recorded broadcasts.

The Talk Show Number for this and all future shows is:

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can ask a private question HERE, we’ll keep you confidential.

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