Hit Router – How To Set Up Your Own Click Campaign

This is much simpler than you may think, so don’t complicate it or get frustrated until you have reviewed this entire post.  This was written to walk you through the process with little or no pain.  Let’s see how I do.

Hit Router is really a simple Pay Per Click system, very similar to Google Ad Sense and Ad Words, the difference is that it is housed within the AR Network and it revolves around members Blog pages and IDX Listing Sites.  The traffic this will help generate to your sites will be easy and measurable now.

  • Members can buy visitors/traffic to their IDX sites for $x.xx amount per click-through which is determined by amount needed to be bid to win the auction. (like Ad Words).  
  • Members who have visitors land on their blog pages who subsequently search for property in a city (outside of their own market place)  get credited a % of the $x.xx amount.  
  • Members can then use those credits to purchase visitors/traffic back to their IDX sites, and so on…

Another major highlight to this Hit Router program is that we have other resources who will buy any traffic AR members don’t choose for themselves, yet the AR member delivering the traffic will still receive the credit into their account.  This is a win win for you and for them.


The “Hit Router” will ONLY show up on your pages when LOGGED OUT of ActiveRain.

Follow these 5 steps to setup your own campaigns for your market areas.

This next post will show you How to “Opt-Out” but I can’t see any reason you would.  🙂

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