How To Add Authors, Editors, and Contributors on Outside Blogs

How To Add & Understand Authors, Editors, and Contributors Roles on Outside Blogs

Any member of ActiveRain with an Outside Blog or “ActiveBlog” can invite others to contribute.  Whether you are a Broker inviting your Agents, an Agent inviting your TEAM and Affiliates, or just a member inviting another member, here’s the differences between setting up an Author, an Editor, or a Contributor.  When you invite others to write and contribute to your Outside Blog, it’s important to understand these three categories and the rights and privileges they offer.  There are different levels of privileges for each category.

Inviting Others To Contribute

To invite someone to contribute to your Outside Blog, go to your “My Home” page on ActiveRain.  On the left hand sidebar, you’ll see the link to your outside Blog referred to commonly as your “ActiveBlog.”  Click on the link and you’ll be ready to invite others to contribute.  They’ll need to be a RainMaker Member in order to contribute posts to your Outside Blogs.

On your Outside Blog you will see a Black toolbar located across the top of your Blog.  Select the “Members” link to invite and manage your contributors.  When inviting others, you only need to use their AR Profile user name. Example: activebrad or arbob.  Typing anything other than their correct user name will result in an error and no invitation will be sent.  Be sure to visit the members profile to make sure you have their correct user name.

Once you click on the members link, the menu option will open allowing you to “Invite” a contributor.  This is also where you can manage the “roles” of each contributor.  To change the role of any contributor, click on the “Down Arrow” and select Author, Editor, or Contributor for that member.  You can also delete a contributor from this screen by clicking on the red “delete” link located next to their name.

If you are invited to contribute to another members Outside Blog, you will have a link on your “My Home” page to either accept or decline their offer. Click on the link to “Accept” you can now add your posts to their Blog.

You will also be notified by email of their request, but you cannot “accept” or “decline” from the email.

To add your posts to an Outside Blog, put a check in the box(s) when creating your Blog posts on AR.

Outside Blog Contributor Roles

Author:  Selecting the “Author Role” allows the contributor full access and rights to post entries without your moderation or approval. They can also assist you with Moderating other contributors posts.  Author is the highest level role with the least amount of restriction.

Editor:  Selecting the “Editor Role” allows that contributor to create and add posts to your Blog without your moderation or approval.  They cannot assist you with the moderation process, they can only post to your Group or Team Outside Blog. Editor is the next level of role with the least amount of restriction.

Contributor:  Selecting the “Contributor Role” gives the contributor the authority to create and add posts to your Blog but you need to review or moderate them first, then either accept or decline their entry.  Contributor is a role with the least amount of priviledges and the most restriction.

Managing Posts from “Contributors”

If you select the “Contributor Role” for a member, be sure to check yourReview Pending Outside Blog Posts” link on your “My Home” page.  The link is located at the very bottom of the page on the left hand sidebar.  This is where you can accept or decline your contributors posts.  Don’t do as I did and forget to check it once in a while, otherwise your entries will get backed up.

To accept a “Contributors” post, just click on the green check mark. To decline, click the red dash mark.

One of the great benefits of the Outside Blog is that each one allows members the ability to add multiple authors and contributors.  In my honest opinion, this brings a greater value to your Outside Blog. You can have multiple voices and opportunities to share and collaborate content which in turn results in more information, faster growth, and a variety of topics focused to your targeted readers.  Especially for the niche markets that many of you have, this is a great way to saturate them with hyper-local content quickly and efficiently.  I believe that one day very soon, every Brokerage, Real Estate Company and REALTOR team in the Country will have a Group, Team or Multi-Authored Blog.

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