How To Add Video in the Comment Section of a Blog Post

How To Add Video in the Comment Section of a Blog Post

Jeremy Blanton just did a great video tutorial for members showing how you can add video to your AR Blog posts.  He requested that I do a tutorial on how to embed a video into the comments of a post like TLW did on his.  We get this request much more frequently now, so I guess it’s time.

This tutorial is for members using Mozilla Firefox as their Browser. 

NOTE: Any and ALL members can use Firefox as a browser without conflicting with their use of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser, in fact, both browsers can be open at the same time and running side by side. So this is really for ALL ActiveRain members.


The Object and Embed codes the come directly from Youtube WILL NOT WORK when copied into a comment on AR posts.  Just the code will appear with no video.  This will annoy you and the author, So DON’T do it.  🙂

You’ll Need ScribeFire To Do This

The Firefox Browser allows you to have add-ons or plug-ins.  The first thing you’ll need to do is go to and download their add-on for your browser.  ScribeFire is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser that integrates with your browser to let you easily post to your blog.  You can change font colors and re-size them and you’ll find many other great uses for this little add-on, but today we’ll focus on adding video to comments.


Once you’ve downloaded and added Scribefire to your Browser, you can press the “Function +F8” keys to open up the Scribefire toolbox which will pop-up in the lower half of your computer screen. It will look like this:


In the toolbar of Scribefire’s add-on, you’ll see a Youtube Icon , click on it.


Enter the search term or user name for the video you wish to add.

*Find any Youtube video, grab the URL link, and copy/paste it into the search box, it will pull up that video.

Once you enter your search criteria, click the search button and your video or selection of videos will appear.


Click on the video you wish to add to your comment, then click the OK Button. This will add a video box in the Scribefire screen.  Now just “Right Click” your mouse in the Scribefire Screen next to the video and choose the option to “Select All”.  “Right Click” your mouse again and select “Copy”, then go to the comment box of the ActiveRain post, “Right Click” a third time and select “Paste”. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Your video code will NOT appear in the comment section of the post, but it is there.  When you submit your comment, the video will magically appear, and you’re done!  (I’ll add one to the first comment of this post as a sample.)


To re-size videos, you’ll need to edit the HTML and just change the Width and Height which I’ll show you here. 

From the Scribefire Toolbar, click on the HTML edit button that looks like this: This Icon is located at the top of the Scribefire toolbar. Now you will see the HTML code where you can change the size attributes of your video.  You will need to change the dimensions in TWO locations highlighted below for it to resize the video and work.

Lastly, highlight and copy and paste the edited code into your comment and you’re done.

Final Wrap-up & Video Commenting Disclaimer

Now you’re probably telling yourself,Self, this is a lot of work just to add a video to a comment on ActiveRain!”  Yes, it is.  Having an occasional video show up in a comment or two of your post or someone else’s is fine, but if everyone did this to your Blog post, could you imagine how long it would take for that post to load?  Video will slow down the load time of the authors Blog so please keep this in mind if you decide to add a video to another members post.  Also be sure that if you do add video, that it is not copyright protected material and it is relevant to the authors post and topic.

Although this may seem long and complicated, once you do it a couple times, it’s pretty simple, but keep in mind to respect the author, the post, the topic and the network.  While adding video to a comment can be useful and a great tool, it can also be a nuisance and disturbance to the “ActiveRain Force!”  Hopefully this is more complicated than you’re willing to experience, and you’ll just bookmark it and continue to leave comments instead. LOL~

Feel Free to use this post as a place to test leaving your video comments, this way I can help you, and then I can delete them if it gets too out of hand, and this post no longer loads! 🙂


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