How To Convert Online Contacts

Here are some tips for success when converting online contacts to clients. 

Always be sure to focus on the customer and not the item or product for sale.  Understand the customer’s needs, don’t get distracted by the availability of the product or desired property.  Appreciate and respect the customer’s timeline, don’t pressure online contacts to buy too quickly, and don’t give up if they don’t buy right away.

Get back to contacts and online customers immediately.

Any responses after 5 minutes drastically reduce the chances and opportunity to convert that contact into a client.  Don’t wait till the end of the day of the next business day to follow-up.  Respond to each and every contact, there is no such thing as a “crappy-lead!”  If you cherry pick, you’ll lose potential clients and referrals.

The most important tip in converting contacts to clients is follow-up.  Be tenacious! 

Follow up with all contacts and customers via email and phone.  Reach out to them at least 3-5 over a two week period if they don’t get back to you. Don’t give up when they don’t get back to you at first response.  For longer term prospects, stay in front of them, send useful information and valuable content that keeps them informed and be ready when they are.

If you’re out of sight, you’ll be out of mind.

In this video, Gary Gold shares a series of “Best Practices” that have helped make him one of the most successful Real Estate agents in Southern California.  As an “Online” REALTOR representing many Celebrity’s and Luxury Homes, Gary explains the importance of converting online contacts into clients and shares the strategy required if you want to succeed.


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