How To Create and Maximize Your ActiveRain Blog Post

How To Create and Maximize Your ActiveRain Blog Post

The AR community has grown and evolved with thousands of new members, millions of posts, some really cool features, and great SEO and consumer traffic.  Many of the members who sign up and join ActiveRain start off very excited and ready to Blog, but then find themselves stuck.  We have many members who ask What Should I do Next?

Having a profile setup and then just lurking around the community, not knowing where or what to do next, seems to be an age old trend.  “What should I Blog about?”  “I don’t have the time!”  “I’m not a writer or blogger!?” and “Why Should I Blog?” are just some of the common questions and concerns I hear time and time again.

It’s time to get some answers.  It’s time to get your “Blog” game on!

ActiveRain members have created a very powerful on-line resource for both members and consumers that is second to none.  There is ton of information here covering a wide variety of topics and discussions.  So where do you find out what makes the ActiveRain Blog Post different than any other Network or Blogging platform out there? 

What tools and options are available and how do you use them?  How is Blogging on ActiveRain different than blogging on WordPress or Blogger?  Do you have questions like these and are you trying to make cents sense of it all?  In just one hour, we’re not just going to tell you, we’re going to show you.  If content really is King, then knowledge about content and “How To” must be Queen!

What’s taken years to learn (through trial and error) will be shared with you in a “flash” of time, if you want it.

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* The Blog Cycle and Purpose – Connecting All The Dots
* What’s The Difference Between a Website and A Blog
* Finding “Your” Blogging Voice and Transparency
* The Keys to Building Your Blog Resourse Library
* Where to Find Unlimited Content for Blogging
* What To Write and Blog About and Why
* How to Create Powerful and Inviting Blog Titles
* What Makes Bad Content vs Great Content
* How to Generate MORE Traffic and Leads
* How to Track Statistics and Use Analytics
* Strategy on Using Keywords and Tags Effectively
* Why Achor Text and Back Linking Are Crucial
* Using Channels, Groups, and Topics as Tools
* What is The Truth and Power of the ReBlog
* The Evolution of Posting Listings – What’s Changed
* When, Why, and How Often To Create New Posts
* Using Syndication to Get Maximum Exposure
* Understanding SEO on ActiveRain and Outside Blogs

The purpose of ActiveRain and this vibrant network is to provide a community atmosphere where Industry Professionals can network, have fun, learn from each other, share their knowledge and experiences, and grow their business via referrals, SEO, and Blogging.  If you’re new to ActiveRain, or you’ve been lurking around for months now, or you’ve left AR and now you’re back, or maybe attended a RainCamp and you’re just not sure what to do next, I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity and join us.  It all starts with YOUR Blog!

Important Note: This training is open to any and all members. Some tools and information we’ll be sharing will only apply to RainMaker memberships. We’ll explain the differences, and also provide you the opportunity to explore the “RainMaker” membership with no risk or obligation if you’re interested.

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