How To Drive Traffic To Your AR Outside Blogs – Riddle Me This

If one of the ultimate goals is to drive traffic to your Blog, (any blog or post) then what is a good way to do this?  Some of our daily AR tasks have included helping members set up these ActiveBlogs.  Bob Stewart and I have helped setup hundreds.  Take a look at some of these.  This is one reason why my response time on comments, emails, and calls has diminished. LOL~

So what is the best way to drive traffic to your outside blogs?  The clues are scattered all over this post.  (hint: use your mouse) First, you’ll need to have an ActiveRain Outside Blog.  If you don’t have one already, here’s a two for one clue.  Check out ActiveBlogs.  If you wanted to add Widgets to your ActiveBlog, it’s really this easy. 

Maybe you’re just looking for some Important tips about the new outside Blogs.  Did you know that AR discussed these in detail on the air, and recorded it?  So what is the answer to this “Riddle” post?

The point I am trying to make is that there is great way to send traffic to your outside Blog and many of our members might be are missing it.  I have put clues all over this post.  If you have hovered your mouse or clicked on any of these links, then you have discovered the answer by now.  This is just one thing members with an outside Blog should be thinking about and doing.

We’ll be starting our first AR Webinar Training Series on how to setup and maximize an ActiveBlog sometime next week (if setup by then)  We’ll cover all this in detail and much more, but if you already have an outside AR blog, or are considering one, please take the clue you just got here, and apply it to your outside Blogs right away. 

I know you ALL probably got the answer to this “riddle”… You did get the answer right?

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