Reaching Millions – The American Dream

Well this is just one way to do it, but other than radio, television was one of the first and most effective ways companies reached audiences across the country before the Internet and world wide web were available. Today, many companies are using viral media, social media marketing, crowd sourcing and other means to reach the masses.

This week our company launched its first-ever National TV commercial. I am really excited and proud of this 30 second message titled “Find Your Way Home!” I had to watch it a few times before every aspect of the video really sunk in. It will air on a variety of stations like CNN, HGTV, ABC Family, and The Travel Channel at various time slots.

Zillow has grown and built an enormous amount of followers over the years without using any of the traditional types of marketing and advertising campaigns, I’m anxious to see what this television and marketing commercial and campaign will do for our growth in the days ahead. More importantly, I hope it will help more buyers, sellers, borrowers, investors, renters and real estate professionals connect via our site and mobile apps.

The BEST part of Life is creating, building, living, and our memories of “The American Dream!”

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