How To Use Mixpo Video Online Tools

Many ActiveRain members have signed up for the Mixpo Video, so I wanted to share a tutorial on using Mixpo for your ActiveRain Blogs.  There will be a series of tutorials to follow, and some by other members I'm sure, but this will be a great start to get you up and running with Mixpo Video.  


If you have never created, edited, or uploaded video onto the internet or into your Blog posts, this will be a great place for you to start.


If you haven't signed up, or just want to know more about MixpoCLICK HERE!

So You Just Shot Your Video – Now What Do You Do With It?

Once you have recorded some RAW video either with a Flip Video Camera, a digital camera, a movie camera or just with your cell phone, all you need to do is get it transferred to your computer desktop, or into a folder somewhere on your computer. Usually it's just drag and drop, or copy from an SD card, or hook up a cable and transfer.  Mixpo works with most video formats. .AVI, .MOV, .WMF, etc. which is standard on most Digital Video Cameras and Recorders.

Accessing Your Mixpo Account and Uploading Video

  1. Go to and use the "Sign in" button at the top right corner of the home page. Or you can just Click Here to go straight to the sign in page if you're currently subscribed.
  2. Enter your email address, and the password that you were notified with, then click the "Sign In" Button.
  3. For the rest of this tutorial post, I'll try and use images and text to make it easier. 

When this next screen appears,
there will be (3) three tabs at the top right side of the page.  We're going to focus on the second or #2 tab today.  This is where you'll need to start to upload your video to Mixpo. 


On the next screen, you will be given the option to create a new project, or use a previously made template. Click on the "Select" button to start your video upload, and begin the editing/production process.



Now you are ready to fly through the process.  We will cover the 5 tabs below, in a Basic Overview on this post.  First is the "Description Tab" on the Mixpo Console.  View the screen shot below, it's pretty self explanatory.  Just title your Video post, add your tags or keywords, and give your video a "Description!"  Just like any Blog post, these are important areas to review when considering your content and keyword selection.  SEO isn't everything…but it's almost!!  LOL!~


Next, we'll Click on the tab to the right of description, the "Visuals Tab!" This is where you can upload your video, your photos, and your graphic images.  You can also select from the Mixpo Library which has over 1150 Professional High Quality Videos and Photos.  These are included in your subscription for you to use freely. This is also where you would delete any unwanted videos if needed.  Just use the "Delete an Image or Video" option next to the red X!  (You can preview video's and photos from the Mixpo Library before selecting them.  There are some great animated backgrounds and video clips available.) I highly recommend saving your work at this point!  Save it in draft mode until ready to publish.



Now let's review the "Narrations" Tab.  This area allows you to create narrations and voice overs.  You will need a mic hooked up to your computer to use this feature.  This is good for video that has horrible sound or background noise that you want to cover with a narration or voice overlay.  



Adding Sounds, Music, Background FX and Special Effects: Click on the "Sounds" Tab and start bringing your video to life.  You can use the Mixpo sound files and music, or you can upload your own.  Importing is FAST and simple.  Just click on the "Add Stock Audio" to choose from hundreds in the Library, or select "Import Audio" to Upload your own.  (Be sure to NOT USE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED SONGS or sound bits ie: Elton John, Elvis Presley etc.)



Here's a screen shot of the Mixpo Sound Console Library.  Each of these can be customized: volume, length etc.



Adding Overlays and Custom Text, Links, Colors and Fonts: This is where the real power of Mixpo is revealed.  Click on "Add Overlay", and you'll get a selection of multiple text type overlays.  These can be placed anywhere through-out your video.  The Text, Colors, Bursts, Ovals, Click Throughs, and Lead Captures can be linked to any page on the internet, or linked back to any email address.  This is one of the most unique tools available.  The power of Mixpo Video editing and production is right here. 



Here are some samples below of what others have done with Mixpo, both in and out of the Real Estate Industry.  This just gives you some ideas on how to create some quality VideoAds for you and your company.  I will put 2 links, the first one will be the link to Mixpo where the video is hosted, and the other to their site where the final Video Production is being displayed. Some of these are using Ad-Rotation which we'll get into on a later post! 🙂








In the next Mixpo tutorial,  we'll cover:
Syndicating your Video, Embedding Code into a Post, Website etc., Completing your Settings and adding your Logo, Managing your Library, Details of the Mixpo Dashboard, Using Ad Rotation, Creating a "Video Template" to save time, Customizing your iContact info on Video Options, and Mastering Your Video, Audio, Voice Over, Links, and the Effects Timeline.

If it were to "Rain" much more, could we expect flooding?  :-))

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