How To Use Your "Existing" Domain Names on AR Outside Blogs

How To Use Your Own “Pre-Purchased” Domain Name on the ActiveRain Outside Blogs
This applies to members with Outside Blogs that want to use an existing domain name purchased elsewhere.

“Each new ActiveRain Outside Blog comes with a free custom domain name.  But what if you’ve already purchased a domain name?  Using your own domain with your new blog doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Just follow your registrar’s instructions for updating your domain’s name servers. You’ll need to point them at ActiveRain.”

Here’s a tutorial on how to setup your Outside Blog with your own Domain Name or URL in 5 easy steps.  Keep in mind that when using your own previously purchased domain names, there can be nothing attached to it.  No information currently residing on it.  So for example, I just purchased my AR Outside Blog, I own a domain name, (with nothing on it) and I want this to be the URL for my AR Outside Blog.

In this tutorial, I’ll be using the GoDaddy Site since they are one of the Largest Domain Name providers in the world. The process in doing this with your registrar (if other than GoDaddy) should be the same or similar.


Go to “” and Log-in to your GoDaddy Account:


A list of your Domain names and sites will appear on the main page, click on the “Advanced Details” Link:


In the GoDaddy Domain Manager, you will need to click on the “Manage” link located in the Nameservers section
(See Highlighted Area Below)


Now you need to check the button “I host my domains with another provider” and also change the Nameserver settings to “NS1.AGENTSPACES.COM” & “NS2.AGENTSPACES.COM” then click on the “OK” button. (see below)


Go to your AR Outside Blog and click on the “Domain” link located in the top toolbar. In the Domain Box, enter in the URL or Domain name and click on the “update domain” button. (TIP: Don’t add http, or WWW, no spaces, no CAPS, no symbols etc. and include the .com)

You’ll be able to access your blog at its new URL in as little as 5 minutes! 
(on a bad day, it could take 24-48 hours) 

ActiveRain provides you a “Custom Domain” name with ALL your New Outside Blogs if you don’t already have one, and it IS included. There is no additional fee or charge for creating your own custom Domain names on AR Outside Blogs.  To see what domain names might be available, just go to your Outside Blog, click on the “Domain” link located on the top toolbar, then enter your desired name in box #1. (IE:  Then click on the “Check Availability” link to see if your custom domain name is available. If it is, the “Claim Domain” button will become enabled, and you can claim your new Outside Blog domain name right then and there. 


If any of these steps cause or give you nausea, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, or any other out of the ordinary daily blogging symptoms, then disconnect from your computer immediately, put your feet up on a lazy boy recliner, take two aspirin, and then call me in the morning.  I’d be happy to help you through it if you need!  To get your own personalized and customizable Outside Blogs, CLICK HERE.  :-))

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