How To Win the RainMaker Contest & Trip To ActiveRain

I’m sure that by now, most if not all of you have heard about the Official ActiveRain Contest.  It’s running the entire month of April 2009 and yes, we are giving away an “All Expenses Paid” trip to Washington State including round-trip airfare, a visit to the AR HQ, and a day and dinner with the AR staff.  We’ll also have some really great prizes and gifts to award the “Winner” when they arrive.  Jon Washburn, CEO of ActiveRain is working tirelessly planning the extravaganza as I speak type.

Let me give you a hint how to WIN!!

Or at least give a small Clue:  If you can find this screen below on ActiveRain, you’ll hit a Goldmine.  Could it help cinch the WIN for this contest?  That’s all I can say.  Shhh… I don’t want Jeremy Blanton to see this post, he’ll say I cheated and that this contest was rigged.  lol~  The buttons below are located on a hidden page within ActiveRain, and the key is for you to find them, then figure out how to use them to WIN THIS CONTEST!  Have

The Grand Prize will be awarded to the member who comes up with and executes the most creative and effective strategy around new Rainmaker sign-ups.  We are looking for ANY member who can come up with the best idea or suggestion and share an example of how it was used.  Put on your creative marketing hats, get out your idea boards, dust off that thinking cap, and let us know how YOU were able to creatively sign-up a new ActiveRain Rainmaker. 

The Best Idea,  Suggestion and Implementation WINS!

The ActiveRain staff and judges will be reviewing comments both here and on the original post.  Just a reminder, If this form is not filled out, you will not win the T-Shirt, points or be eligible for Grand Prize.  See Contest Post.  You only have till the end of April, so don’t hesitate to put ANY idea to work right now.  We’d love to have you join us as the “Grand Prize Winner” it will be a fun filled and memorable day.  You’ll have more fun than one person should be allowed to have.  You can make it happen, here’s your chance….so GO FOR IT.  

Who will it be?  Will it be YOU?  You’ll never be the same, once you’ve been to ActiveRain!  Trust me. 🙂

Here’s some samples of some entries so far:
I’ll continue adding to this list…









We’ll be announcing the “Winner” on May-Day 2009!

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