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Zillow Academy launched a new calendar interface today using a much more robust and user friendly calendaring system. There are many calendar applications and sites on the web, but finding one that allows users to easily access specific days, weeks, and months without having to learn or navigate the interface seems like an ongoing task and challenge for many.  Keep and share seems to be one of the better calendaring systems out there.

The “Keep and Share” calendar interface at Zillow Academy seems to work very well on both sides of the user interface. For the Academy staff, they can interface live on the site making edits and changes easy and on-location. Readers and visitors can now register for FREE Webinars, Classes, and guest speakers from a single page or they can open the page for a detailed breakdown of each session including links to resources, relative images, and even access video.

The team at Zillow Academy prefer the new calendar over the old and are hoping that the regular attendees will feel the same. They are also very confident that all new visitors and guests will appreciate their constant motivation and passion to keep improving their online campus.

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  1. Frank

    Beware! They require you to have a credit link on your homepage and not on the page the calendar is displayed! Makes no sense at all!

    • Brad Andersohn

      Hi Frank – that probably only applies to the FREE option they offer, I use the paid version and have no links or ads at all on any of the pages or site I’m using it. For the price and our needs, it actually works great for s, even better than the Google Calendar. More options available with Keep & Share too. Thanks for commenting and pointing that out, I was unaware of it.

  2. Julie

    I’m a new web designer and recently signed up for the Pro account $19.99 (although it must have increased a few dollars in the last couple of weeks). So far, it’s pretty cool and easy to integrate on a website, and no logo shown on the calendar. I like that you can have a calendar page and also incorporate a week at a glance on your home page. You can set up editing only capabilities so your client can login and maintain the calendar without accidentally changing the styles. I’m pretty excited so far!

    • Brad Andersohn

      Julie – I use it for business and for my band, it works awesome and I love the fact that I can embed multiple styles of calendars on Blog posts, sidebars, and websites.

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