I want to start this post by thanking Missy Caulk for tagging me to join the "Active Rain Chain Gang!"  It appears that our friend Adam Waldman has started something called Links in the Activerain Chain.  Way to go Adam, you just keep out doing yourself here!  

I hope you won't mind if I take this opportunity to share with you my Bloggers "moral" dilemma and challenge.  I'm going to be totally honest and candid here!  (Don't be fooled by my photo on the left) LOL!  I'm serious.  I need to have closure on this so I can be freed from myself!  They say that the truth will set you free, well let's see if this works.

When I first joined the "Rain" earlier this year, I was able to balance my time between Posting, Reading, Commenting, and Replying.  I also had some time to do research to try and help others I had invited, and also help other members who needed support.  As time passed, I managed to find an itty-bitty-lilly-pilly (I love that one) voice here in the rain.  That's thanks to ALL OF YOU because of your comments, support, guidance and friendships.  You have all helped BUILD MY BLOG!   🙂

 My challenge and dilemma is this:  I have been unable to visit all of YOUR Blogs to comment as much as I'd like to!  Reciprocation is the "key" to a successful and healthy relationship.  I write posts, get comments, and then I feel "Compelled" to come back and reply to each and every one of the comments. (Maybe that's my problem)  I just feel rude if I don't!  Even if you never come back to see if I did.  I try to get around to commenting on other members Blogs, but then I get sucked back into replying to the comments on mine, or I get steered into a direction that plunges me into writing a new post.  Herein lies my dilemma…besides TIME!!!

Any spare time I have, I use it to do research, and learn new things to share with members. Unfortunately, this takes away from the time that I would use to comment on YOUR Blogs.  What the heck have I gotten myself in to here?!?  If you look at these stats, you'll see I'm truly trying.  With time being such a precious commodity, and now, with less of it, I'm not sure if I should just spend the next 3 months going back to all YOUR Blogs and commenting, or if I should spend my time doing "New" research and continue posting and sharing the new stuff I find or learn about?  Should I be replying back to you in my posts?  Would you be offended if I didn't, and I used that time to comment on your Blog?  I'm torn and confused!  I hope you can see and understand why this has become such a dilemma for me.  I need your thoughts and opinion here.  HELP!!!

I said I was going to be honest.  I want to make sure that others who suffer from this same dilemma, get guidance, and pointed in the right direction.  Heck, it may even be my next post! LOL!  This has been bothering me now for a while.  Nothing means more to me than my family and the friends I have made here.  Active Rain is my Blogging home, and I don't want to fall short in meeting any of my readers, friends, and subscribers expectations.  By you helping me here, you may be helping hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of other Bloggers.  

I'm not sure I followed the right outline for this "Chain Gang" post, but I had to get this off my chest!  Thanks!! 🙂


 Now that this post has become a part of the LINKS IN THE ACTIVE RAIN CHAIN, let me tell you who I am selecting and why.  His name is Jeff Dowler.  He was the very first member I was exposed to here on AR back in March.  I loved his post about not getting the listing, and I saw how the love from other members really emitted in the comments.  I knew I was in a place surrounded by people who "really do care." 

Jeff is a down to earth, easy to know, and a lovable kinda guy. (don't get funny on me Jeff)  His personality and Blog are very transparent, real, and sincere.  He didn't get to the Top as a Featured Agent in California by writing crap!  His content has made him KING in my opinion.  I liked him on-line, but when I met him briefly in San Francisco this year, I liked him even more!  Your beautiful Jeff, don't ever change!  So Jeff, the rest of this post is for you.  BTW – I am sending my plane to pick you up Saturday so we can go do lunch at your favorite Place in Hawaii!

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully as to not break the chain my friend.

Here are the rules to participate (ONCE SOMEONE HAS RECOMMENDED YOU).

  1. Create a new post recommending another Rainer's blog by putting in a hyper-link to that person's Blog.
  2. Tag your post with the phrase LINKS IN THE ACTIVE RAIN CHAIN.  Make sure that you spell it correctly and type this tag exactly how it is written above.
  3. Name your post LINKS IN THE ACTIVE RAIN CHAIN – (Your Name)
  4. Copy and paste all of the links that came before you (including your name) and put the person that you're recommending under your own name.
  5. Copy and paste these rules into the new post.
  6. Contact the person that you're recommending and let them know that they are up

Here are some members of the Active Rain Family who came before me on this link:

Adam Waldman

Jason Crouch

Paul Slaybaugh

Jessica Horton,

Jason Sardi

Jennifer Bukaty

Andrew Lenza

Marc Grossman

Matthew Blum

Missy Caulk

Brad Andersohn

Jeff Dowler

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