Meme… Good Or Bad…I Just Got Tagged

 I just got my first "MeMe" tag from Ed Rybczynski – Mortgage Fraud Speaker & Expert.  I had no idea or clue what a "meme" was.

He told me that I had to share 5 things that most of you would not know about me.  Not sure I can do this, it doesn't seem very humble to me, but after reading some of the others, I feel a little more comfortable knowing many of YOU have exposed yourselves too. (including Ed)

5 things?  That might be pushin it!! …….Hmmmmm

1.  My family has traced my roots all the way back in time, and found that I am related to Davey Crockett!

2.  I have been playing guitar since age 12, and have won guitars from both Carlos Santana and Neal Schon from the Rock Band Journey.  98Rock in Hawaii, used to have a contest at Fast Eddies called the "98Rock Riff-Contest".  I was fortunate to win 2 years in a row.  I got to meet Carlos backstage at the Aloha Stadium, where the Pro-Bowl is held every year!  I have also recorded a few records over the years, here's a link if you want to know more about that part of "meme"!  LOL  🙂


3.  Man, I'm running out of stuff here…. Oh, here's a good one many of you may not know.. I am a 2nd degree Shodan, (Blackbelt) in Okinawan Kenpo Karate and Kobudo.  In 1985, I was ranked #3 in Kata, and #2 in Kumite in Hawaii.  I studied under Master Seikichi Odo, and Shihan Paul Ortino Jr.  Sensei Paul is the Highest ranking Black Belt in our organization, and has just relocated from our schools in Hawaii, back to his home in Florida.  He is one of the greatest men I know.  I was blessed to be trained and taught by one of the worlds very best martial arts and human beings on the planet!

4.  Many of you already know my love for photography.  It is truly a passion of mine.  I have a different philosophy about photography than most, I only want to capture what is right with the world on film.  You can see more about "meme" and "mymy"  photos if you click here!

5.  Lastly, something NO ONE knows about me, and that is my middle name.  Yes, my real name is Bradley (only my mother would call me that when I was in trouble, or late for dinner), and though many never catch this, there is an "H" in Andersohn.  There are only 15-20 of us who spell it that way in the US.  My middle name is one very few (maybe 5 people) know.  Today, I guess is the day for me to share with the world, and all those who have guessed and wondered for all these years, Brad Andersohn's middle name……..

er…..uh…….hmmm……..well…….ya know……….ah schucks!!!  I just can't do it!  I really tried….. I guess this one is just too dark and deep for me to reveal.  You are welcome to guess if you like, but just like the thousands before you, you will never guess my middle name.  What's in a name?  To meme…..everything!!   

Now it's my understanding that I have to tag 3 other people with a "meme". So the winners are…..

                                         Lizette Fitzpatrick ,  Renee Burrows , and Luisa Orellana

                                      Picture of Real Estate Agent: Lizette Fitzpatrick,Central Kentucky Realtor (Central Kentucky - Prudential Don Foster)       Picture of Real Estate Agent: Renee Burrows - NV  Real Estate (Nevada Realty Solutions)   Picture of Escrow Company: Luisa Orellana, Escrow Officer, (SOCALCLOSERS.COM)

I subscribe to their blogs and think you should too!!   🙂  I think Renee has been tagged already, but I also heard, there is no limit to the amount of times you can be tagged!!  Enjoy their meme's and their blogs, they're great!!

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