The Google Plus + Facebook Battle

Jimmy Mackin made the comment and asked the question in the tech support group for real estate agents on Facebook, “Google+ is about to hit 10,000,000 users. That’s approximately 5 Million new users per week. Can anyone guess (without Google) how many new users Facebook averages per week?

My email inbox these past few weeks has been flooded with notifications of all the circles I’m being added to, and now I’m adding hundreds to my custom created circles as well.  Is Google + the newest, latest, and greatest way to finally sort through our social media contacts and connections and get them organized once and for all?

Will Google + be the final frontier and platform that will surpass the legends and impressions made by Facebook, the world’s dominating leader of social media platforms?  My Google + circles are evolving, easy to follow, more concise and complete and there’s a lot less non-sense going on with those In the circles I follow.  

Only time will really tell folks, what’s your thoughts?

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