My ActiveRain eBook

Using, I was able to create this ebook. It was initially created to try and help visitors and readers find posts on my Blog that might be helpful to them. In an effort to try and sort them out, and make them easier to find, I was able to use wix to better organize my tutorials, how-to’s, and tips etc. Hopefully, it will make things easier for folks to find articles of interest, or anything else I have Blogged about that they might be looking for. This seems like an easy way to keep different Blog posts alive after a long period of time.

The eBook tutorial can also be found and is available on my ActiveRain profile, just in case this post disappears off my Blogroll, (which it will) as they ALL tend to do after time. You can find out more about Wix at It’s easy, it’s fairly user friendly, it’s useful, and the best part of all, it’s FREE!

Sorry about the big white space above, it’s not a boo-boo, it was intentional and here’s why…

The blank space above was needed for when you hover your mouse over the wix graphic on the right hand side of the eBook, you’ll see that my “Magic Banner” will appear there.

I know this post of Wix is small, and it may be difficult for some of you to read who have eyes like mine, but I had to re size it so it would fit into this post and not blow out my entire Blog. The larger version over on my AR profile is much easier on the eyes, and is the proper size. Enjoy!

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