My First Listing From Active Rain – Now What?

I received a call from a seller asking me if I would sell his home in my area?
  I was so excited, I went into auto-pilot mode and began to ask those "All Important" questions.  Like, why are you selling?  Are you working with any other Agents?  When do you need to move by?  Where are you moving to and why?  What are you looking for in your REALTOR etc.? 

After thoroughly interviewing him I asked, "How did you get my name and number?" He replied, "I found you on the Internet, a post you had written on your Blog!"  I was just about to say, " I can meet you tomorrow at 4:00pm or would Saturday at noon be better" when it finally dawned on me… I'M NOT A REALTOR!! OH NO!  I'm the ESCROW GUY.  :-O

Naturally, I did what any other person would have done in my position, I went and got a Real Estate License!!  NOT REALLY, just kidding…I actually took advantage of the opportunity to recommend a few great agents in my area that I felt would best meet his needs.  The Agent that finally listed his home sent me a really nice card, thanked me, and it looks like we may be doing some more business together here in the future.  A great exchange in fair value. I was able to network a great seller to a great REALTOR thanks to Active Rain.

Here is my dilemma and why my title says "Now What?"
  I really want to share with this Agent why Blogging is so important to her business, (evidenced by this referral I just gave her), but she does not have the time to Blog.  Her current production average is about 1 closing per week.  That's 52 transactions a year.  How do I share with her, and convince her she needs to have a Blog???  Maybe even join Active Rain to get started?  You and I know how much time Blogging takes, but we also know the benefits.  How do I convince this Agent that she could be closing even more if she had a stronger presence on the blogosphere?  This referral might have come directly to her instead of me, if it were her post instead of mine!

This is a challenge that I know many of us face daily.  TIME!!!  How much time do you really spend Blogging?  What sacrifices do you have to make to create and muster up good posts?  Are you compromising other areas of your life IE: exercise, family, education, events, even your spouse? (those that are applicable)  What about sleep?  Are you eating right?  How's your health? and… Are you closing 10-50 sales this year?  How many of those are generated by your Blogging efforts?  So many questions, so little time…

I have another client who is on track to close 125 transactions this year.  She understands Blogging, wishes she could do it, but doesn't have the time either.  She can't even keep up with the leads she has.  Her day is booked solid with appointments, and she is returning her emails sometimes up until 2 and 3 in the morning.  Without having her get an assistant to Blog for her, it is absolutely humanly impossible for her to Blog! 

So is Blogging just for those who really have a lot of time but little or no business?  This is a tough question to ask, but it must be asked never-the-less.  I would never want to steer my clients and potential customers down a road that may hurt, rather than help their career.  Maybe Blogging isn't for everybody!!   One thing I have learned for sure; Relationships are the key to the success of any business, and the one's that I have established here, and on other Blogs, have made every effort worth it to me, but what about these Agents, my clients?  "Now What? 

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