New ActiveRain Widgets for ActiveBlogs

He won’t admit it, but Rich Jacobson is addicted these little things so I have to keep testing them out and requesting them for HIS Blog!  This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Widgets and Rich, and it won’t be the last.  haha!  Those who know me well, know all about my Widget World fetish.  lol~

Seriously, while most of you were sleeping and the other late night Bloggers were posting(like me), our AR Tech MASTERS released another update for the Outside ActiveBlogs.  I had said earlier that these were coming and when I heard they were here, I just couldn’t sleep.  Then when I saw this, I just couldn’t resist squeezing out a quick post.

Widgets for ActiveBlogs.  This feature is limited to our Outside Blog users who have Individual or Group Blogs.  Although these widgets will display in all browsers, Internet Explorer 6 is not a supported browser for “managing” your new AR Widgets.  We suggest that any IE6 users Upgrade Your Browser. 

We’ve added a topic/category widget and support for some third party widgets.  Be sure your posts each have a topic/channel or this widget will pull up blank results.  (I would go back and edit posts if need be)

Screen shot of the “Edit Widget” mode on your Outside Blogs.  Next, is one of the coolest Features yet…

Members can now reorder their widgets with just a simple drag and drop process.  WOW! These guys are good!  This is the coolest Widget Feature ever! 

No more code, no more embedding, no more errors, and no more wasted time trying to figure out how to install these little gizmo’s on your Blogs, just a simple user interface which allows you to add what you need to customize and get the maximum “Widget” power from your new ActiveBlogs.  But wait, there’s more…

I saved the best for last:

ActiveBlogs & SEO

SEO Upgrades for ActiveBlogs. (Again, limited to Outside Blog users)  The high point is our automatically generated Site-map which helps Google (and other search engines) more quickly and accurately index these Blogs.  Now with the ability to search Local posts, topics and categories, and add widgets, this altogether will  make these Blogs ROCK.  I know where you’re going next…

Be sure to stop by Rich Jacobson’s Blog, I’m sure he’ll have every “Widget” available right on his sidebar. That is, if you can get your computer to stop crashing from the lag caused by his widget-happy blog page!

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