Postlets PRO is Now FREE to Agents

Postlets Pro is Now FREE – How To Post Your Listings

Getting exposure to a sellers property is obviously a no-brainer, but simplifying the process, and finding more efficient ways that cost less that get you a higher return on your investment and efforts is just plain smart.

I’m excited to announce that the Postlets Pro program is now free.  That’s right, we are opening up this program, which was previously a paid subscription-ONLY program, to everyone for free!

“Postlets is a listing syndication site offering some really cool Real Estate marketing tools.”

How To Post Your Listings on Postlets

1.  Create and setup your FREE account on

2.  Using the easy-to-use forms, create your listing

3.  The Custom HTML code allows you to post to classified sites

4.  Share your listing using the social media tools provided

5.  Listings will automatically be syndicated to several search sites

Now that Postlets PRO is FREE, look what’s included in every new Postlet listing:

Multi-page format. We’ve taken the standard template and blown it out into a multi-page website. Think of it as a standard postlet after an extreme makeover.  You’ll love it!  See Sample
Huge photos. How does 700×525 pixels strike you? For the non-techies, that’s twice the width and twice the height of those in the former Postlets postlet layout. This is Huge. See Sample
3x more photos. A picture is worth, well, you know. So “18” pictures will be a mouth-full. It’s no secret that photos help sell, and Postlets gives you plenty to make your listings stand out above the rest.
Slideshow viewer. What would be the point of having all those photos if you can’t show them off. Postlets uses a best-in-class Flash slideshow viewer to put your property in the best light. Thumbnail previews, artistic transitions, simply beautiful. You know me and these gadgets….  lol~
20 professional and stylish themes. Take a peek.
Full-size embedded map. Large format Google Maps are seamlessly integrated into PRO listings.
Neighborhood information. GreatSchools and Walk Score provide detailed maps and information about local schools and nearby stores, restaurants, parks, etc.
Video integration. Embed a video that you upload to YouTube directly into your listing.
Your branding on every page. Your personal photo and logo show up on every page. Big Smiles!
MLS-compliant version. Use the optional non-branded version as the virtual tour with your MLS.
Tracking via Google Analytics. Measure and track your visitor traffic to your listings by linking a Google Analytics account, this will also help you gain a better understanding of your audience.

Folks, this is HUGE! Many of you have paid for this service in the past and know it works.

Knowing that generating exposure to your sellers available property is the key to getting it sold, I’m confident that the Postlets syndication and marketing tools will be very beneficial to both you and your sellers.  NO MORE CHARGE! NO MORE COST! NO MORE EXCUSES!

Zillow recently acquired Postlets and will now be also providing some educational training and FREE support webinars at Zillow Academy. See the training calendar on August 4th for more information and details, or you can just RSVP here if you’d like.  We’ll cover a ton of great tips and how-to’s in a single one hour session, and it’s free too! Come check it out.

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