RainCamp – Our New Training Program – Starts In Seattle, WA

ActiveRain RainCamp – Our New Training Program – Starts In Seattle and you’re Invited!

This has to be one of the most exciting announcements I’ve ever had the privilege to post on AR.  I remember signing up that “rainy” day back in February of 2007.  My first question was, “Where Do I find the Owners Manual for this place?”  My next thought was, “How do I get the most out of Social Networking and Blogging here?  Does this stuff really work?”  OMG! My Journey began that day, and would turn out to be way more than I ever anticipated or expected.  We have all watched the AR community grow in more ways than just our membership and business growth, we have seen it change peoples lives and impact the Real Estate Industry.

It’s time to take the Network and Community on the Road.  We are going to “Rain” in cities all over the Country.  It’s New, it’s Exciting, it’s Awesome, and it’s called RainCamp.  The first one will start in our Corporate backyard, the beautiful City of Seattle.  This is a huge turning point for ActiveRain, and also for our members and those who attend. 

RainCamp.comBecause the way we do business has changed!

Who: Join Seattle’s most forward thinking real estate professionals to master the nuances of modern real estate marketing. 

What: Six hours of cutting edge real estate technology and social media training.

When: October 7th, 2009 (Registration is @8:00am)

Where: Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle, WA

Why: Learn how to use the latest innovations to exploit this ever changing environment, and redefine your position as an industry expert and leader. Because you are a pioneer and because you refuse to be left behind.

What Do You Get?

The Venue: This is a High-end, High-Tech facility with stadium seating and comfy Aeron Chairs with plenty of elbow room. All the comforts you’d expect at the Taj Mahal. The setting is a top-notch environment where you can relax, learn and enjoy the day and program we have planned for you.

  • A single-track conference with quality content
  • Wi-Fi, professionally managed (Bring your laptop.)
  • Business networking opportunities
  • Conversations and experiences of a lifetime!

How is RainCamp different from other Conferences?

  • Assess how you stack up in the modern market.
  • Listen to people that are practicing what they preach, and having outstanding success doing it.
  • Learn the methodology of a newer agent who has leveraged the Internet to become a ‘Mega Producer’.
  • Walk away with executables you can put into action immediately.
  • Hard core real estate technology education. This is not a fluff event!!

The “RainCamp” Schedule

Modern Day Real Estate Marketing (9:00a – 9:30a)

Find out where you rank before we kick off the day. How does your social profile rate against your neighbor? How can you expand that presence and create connections that are meaningful in a professional manner? Understanding where we are is the only way to figure out where we need to go.

Meet the Speaker: Bob Stewart

Search Engine Marketing (9:30a – 10:30a)

Advertising is undergoing a radical transformation. As advertising dollars make an exodus from print to online marketing, do you know how to position your advertising budget to get the most impact out of each dollar? As most of your potential clients go online to make purchase decisions, knowing how to target them in the places they reside will be instrumental in ensuring they do business with you.

Meet the Speaker: Ben Kinney

Break (10:15a – 10:30a)

Converting Leads Into Closings (10:30a – 11:30a)

It’s one thing to learn how to drive traffic to your site, it’s entirely different to actually convert that traffic into a commission. Learn the regiment required to get industry leading conversions with the prospects on your website. There is no reason the leads on your site should be treated like the rest of the industry treats theirs. Resolve to do something different.

Meet the Speaker: Ben Kinney & Bob Stewart

Lunch (11:30a – 12:30p)

Real World Social Media Success Stories – PANEL  (12:30p – 1:15p)

Listen to real agents on the street who are using Social media to enhance their business. Let them tell you how they did it. Not every story is the same but the critical component is this: They took the leap and the rewards are well worth the effort.

Panel Moderator: Brad Andersohn

30 Technologies You Don’t Know But Should (1:15p – 1:30p)

Does this really need an explanation? Yes it does, so you’ll need to come and hear it. 

Meet the Speaker: Ben Kinney

Becoming the Online Mayor of Your Community (1:30p – 2:00p)

The end game of all real estate social media strategies. Learn how to put yourself at the online center of your real community. This is market area “farming” and done by the cutting edge elite. Take full advantage of the resources available and create a plan to put yourself in the middle of the flow of information in your market.

Meet the Speaker: Brad Andersohn & Ben Kinney

Break (2:30p – 2:45p)

Hyper-local Blogging for Business (2:45p – 4:00p)

What is Hyper-local? Why does it matter? How does focusing on hyper-local content give you more qualified leads that are ready to act quicker? Find out how to target your next client by providing the information they are looking for when they are really getting close to buying.

Meet the Speaker: Bob Stewart & Ben Kinney


About The Speakers:

Ben Kinney, Mega Producer, Keller Williams

Featured: 2008 Realtor Magazines annual “30 under 30”, RIS Media “Power Team” report, WCAR Realtor of the Year and Quarter

Bob Stewart, Director of Social Media Strategy, ActiveRain

Bob is responsible for growing and maintaining ActiveRain’s vibrant community of real estate professionals. He has been actively involved as a member of ActiveRain from inception. Prior to ActiveRain, Bob was COO of Brio Realty and during his tenure he increased sales volume from zero to over $100 million a year.

Brad Andersohn, Community Manager, ActiveRain

Brad is the all around tech and member support services guru.  His focus and goal is to make sure members are getting the most out of the network and community.  He spends a great deal of time introducing new products, tools, and services with explanations and tutorials on how to best apply them to your business plans and growth strategies.

We’re looking forward to your attending and participating in our newest endeavor.  We’re taking ActiveRain RainCamp on the road so you can take your Business to the next level.  Check RainCamp.com for details regarding this and other RainCamps sprouting around the Country.

Register For RainCamp Below, but Hurry, these seats won’t last.


Picture of Bell Harbor Conference Center courtesy of Josh Hallett

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