RainMakers Danced For Rain

In a time not long ago, when the crops were dry, and communities were losing their families and neighbors, Rainmakers were the individuals that were looked up to and counted on for saving their people.  These were the folks that in spite of tough and troubling times, were the chosen ones to dance, smile, and pray for RAIN to save their people and their crops from the drought.  Despite their predicament, they chose to have a bright and positive attitude even during one of their most challenging times ever.

“Rainmaking refers to the act of attempting to artificially induce or increase precipitation, usually to stave off drought.  In the US, rainmaking was attempted by traveling showmen. It was practiced in the old west but may have reached a peak during the dust bowl drought of the American West and Midwest in the 1930s. The practice was depicted in the 1956 film The Rainmaker.” Source: Wikipedia

The Real Estate Industry has experienced a similar drought if you will. Many of our community’s crops have dried up and we are experiencing some challenging times all across this great Nation of ours.  People have lost jobs, experienced layoffs and company closures, even lost their homes and finances because of a different kind of drought.  It does no good to point fingers, place blame, or speak negatively about the situation or those who may have affected our farms and fields.  It’s the clouds ahead on the horizon that are the focus…

Photo Provided and used with permission by Flickr member Beth: @MusicMuse_CA

We need to count on our “RainMakers” once again. The folks who come to ActiveRain day in and day out, dancing, smiling, and providing “Rain” to once again save our people and our crops.  This network and community is just one small thread woven through-out the country.  It’s the twine that binds and bonds us all together in some small way to collectively achieve great things out of a situation that is so much bigger than us all.  To be witness to all these great things happening around us from an on-line community is very inspiring.

In the three years I have been here, I have witnessed so many stories, so much creativity, lives being changed, and RAIN being made.  We have all been touched or moved by many of the members here in one way or another.  One day we will look back at this time and realize how much of an impact all our efforts have made in our Industry and to each of us personally.  My prediction is that one day, when the RAIN returns, and it will, that we will dance, laugh, and celebrate during the best of times, just as we are doing now during some of the more challenging times.

Is this our destiny?  Maybe this was the intention and purpose of this network all along?  Were we meant to be just another Social Network on the Internet, or an Industry of “RainMakers” making a difference?  Individuals helping to save our people, our communities, our Industry, and each other?  That’s what I see happening all across the country right now.

YOU are a RainMaker. YOU have the power and ability to lead, motivate, inspire, and help other people.  YOU are making a difference in the World, in YOUR Community, and in YOUR Industry.  YOU are the one dancing and creating “RAIN” in a time of drought when it is much needed.  The impact that YOU are making may not be realized until the day comes that we can all look back and see what an important and significant role YOU played in helping keep our people alive and strong, and our Industry together.

~RainMakers Dance For RAIN~

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