Resources for ActiveRain Training and Support

Resources for ActiveRain Training and Support

Are you a new member on ActiveRain?  Are you looking for the manual or guide?  Do you have questions, feel lost or overwhelmed by all the cool stuff ActiveRain has to offer?  Help is here, but do you know where to find it?  Many of the questions, calls, emails, and tickets I receive always start off with, “How do I…..?”

Here are some of the best resources for ActiveRain training, coaching, and support. 

  • The ActiveRain “HELP” Toolbar for Browsers
    Add It To Your Browser, Never Get Lost Again!
  • Getting Started on ActiveRain – A post to help you get started
    The “Getting Started” link located on the main ActiveRain Page
  • ActiveRain Training Webinars – Webinars for new members
    Webinars held Tuesdays and Thursdays – Here’s the Calendar
  • ActiveRain University & On-line Campus – “Live” support webinars.
    Training, Q&A, Support, Presenters, Guest Speakers 3 X per week.
  • Real Estate RainCamps – “Live” Conference for Members and Non-Members teaches you more in a day than you could learn in a year
  • The Help/FAQ Group – Multitude of member contributed tutorials
    Help/FAQ group provides members a place to share and learn
  • The ActiveRain Guide – Blog featuring multi-authored Instructions culmination of members posts to support YOU
  • The “Search” Tool – Keyword or Phrase Search Tool for members
    Searching ActiveRain couldn’t be easier using the AR “Search
  • ActiveRain Ambassadors – Local Ambassadors Reaching Out
    Experienced members helping new and existing members
  • The ActiveRain Manual – Blog posts written for members needing help
    This is an eBook I have been building since I joined ActiveRain back in 02/07

Now that you’ve seen all the places to learn and get support, are you still unsure where to start?  Here’s my suggestion.  If I were brand new to ActiveRain, or had signed up a while back and were just returning, I would make it a point to at least visit each of the above links to become familiar with what help, support, and training is available here, then I would go sign up for one or two of the ARU Training webinars

For details on what’s covered, here’s a link.

We are constantly trying to improve and enhance the Network and Community.  We will continue trying to provide you with the support and necessary tools and training to help you make the most and best use of your time here.  If you are new to ActiveRain, we welcome you aboard. If you’re a returning member and notice things look a bit different around here, then this post is for you too, and we welcome you back.  I’m excited and looking forward to witnessing your growth and successes in the “Rain!”

The ABC‘s of ActiveRain

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