So What Can You Do with ActiveRain Video?

Now that ActiveRain is integrating Video powered by Mixpo into our platform, I wanted to share some bullet points about some of the “New” Video features, benefits, and capabilities. There will be tutorials coming soon for those of you who are currently using AR Video. Then there are those of you who might be considering why you should. Here’s some “Key-Features” that every member should know regardless.


The Video platform is a beginning-to-end platform that supports all phases of the on-line video ad processing from creation and distribution to optimization. There are some features and tools you won’t find on any other video hosting or editing site.


You can access the platform on-line and incorporate it into your own Websites and Blogs. You can stay connected to your database of performance analytics. Your high-quality Video Ads embed easily into banner ads, directory profile pages, search landing pages, Blogs, Websites, and more.


You can create a Video Ad template and then localize it to run in specific markets or geographic regions. Data-driven In the ActiveRain Video Dashboard, you can measure Video Ad performance. Track the number of impressions, conversions and views. See when viewers stop watching or interacting with your Video Ads. There are tools to show viewers’ geographic locations, the sites viewers visited before they displayed your Video Ad, keywords viewers typed to find your Video Ad, and more.


The ActiveRain Studio is where you create Video Ads. It is centered around a play-list where you assemble visual, audio, and overlay elements. After you publish a Video Ad to the Web, the elements remain separate. This means that you can return to the Studio at any time and optimize the Video Ad to improve its performance. Changes you make go live immediately everywhere the Video Ad Player is embedded. No more uploading or reloading to multiple sites. Auto-populate means one edit, one update!


Through built-in interactivity, ActiveRain Video Ads generate leads and drive conversions. Each Video Ad automatically includes customizable calls to action and you can add interactive overlays and captions to promote special offers, direct viewers to your Web site, or link them to any Web location. NEW Forms have now been added that allow you to embed “Calls-To-Action” at any point in your video. Convert your viewers to leads, and leads to clients.

The Video Player

• Video Ads can be adjusted to different sizes to meet your site’s requirements and page layouts.

• High Definition, Volume Control, Links within Video, Inquiry and Email buttons, Full Screen Mode and Lead Capture capability.

• The player adapts to bandwidth so each viewer benefits from the optimal combination of speed and quality.

• Video files are built from XML play-lists in real-time. You can now add your video to Youtube with a single click.

The On-line Studio

• Create custom Templates that can be copied and used for specific Video Marketing Campaigns.

• The editing time-line gives you full control over Audio, Video, Overlays, Music, and Narrations.

• Add your Personal or Company Branding and Custom logos.

• Import professionally produced video files, assemble your own collection of photographs, slides, pictures, and audio files, or begin from our library of files. There are thousands of stock videos and photos to choose from.

• Customize Voice-overs, Captions, Logos, Music, Links, Sound Effects and more.

• Edit Video with the built in Extraction tool. Cut, re-cut, and edit out unwanted portions of video.

• Generate leads by adding interactive forms, overlays, and calls to action.

The Dashboard

• Charts and graphs show how effectively a Video is driving views and conversions. Video Analytics.

• The map panel in the Dashboard presents a worldwide picture of where views and conversions originate.

• Track the Web sites that referred viewers to your Videos and the key words they used to find them.

• Dashboard and Studio are integrated, this means when editing Video ads, all changes are real-time.

The Ad Rotator

• Create different versions of the same ad and compare performance.

• Easily optimize different versions using color, captions, interactive overlays, and voice-overs, then measure and compare responses.

• The different versions run simultaneously and are delivered randomly in the same player to exactly the same audience.

The SEO Features

• We syndicate each Video with the search engines (optional) to increase the Video’s organic exposure.

• Videos can be indexed by Google, AOL, Yahoo, Ask, MSN and others with a single click.

There are some great video hosting websites available on the web, the difference between them and AR Video was hopefully covered in this post. You owe it to yourself to explore, know the differences and challenges, and then make your own decisions based on your personal needs and the needs of your viewers. AR Video is just another optional tool for members, it’s not a requirement. Enjoy exploring all the possibilities!

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