The Active Rain "Buyer Challenge" Deadline Is Up!

The Active Rain Contest for the "Best" posts in the Buyer Challenge, has been extended until next Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 at 10:00pm EST.  In light of all three of the contests going on at the same time, the judges and creators wanted to give members more time to create and enter their posts.  We have some fantastic and very creative entries, but we don't have YOURS…YET!! 🙂 

Do you want to be featured?  Do you want to get an extra 1000 points?  Are you willing to spend 20-30 minutes to do so?  You will need to enter your posts by next Wednesday into this Group:  The Active Rain Buyer Challenge Contest.  If you have already created a post, and not added it to this group, please do, so it can be reviewed by the Active Rain judges.

For all the details regarding the "Buyers Challenge" contest, please see the Instructions Post and Details.  If you'd like to know more about the other contests going on, one of our faithful members did a post for you HERE

There will be three winners!  Each winner will get Featured on Active Rain, plus get 1,000 bonus points.  You'll also get some bonus points just for submitting your post!  In addition, there might also be a greater chance of getting some buyers who might read and be interested in your post!


  1. Your post should be Professional Category, Visibility Public
  2. Must include the TAG: Buyer Challenge (how the judges will find your entry)
  3. the Title Should be:  Why You Should Purchase Your Next Home in (Your City) 
  4. You must place your entry in the group  The Active Rain Buyer Challenge Group


  1. NO Wall of Words
  2. NO Poor Grammar
  3. NO Spelling Errors
  4. NO Visually Unattractive Posts

Here are some of the posts already entered, and are worthy of your time to read.  There are some great examples of what I think would really impress a client who reads them.  They say that practice makes perfect!  One thing I know for sure is, you can't win if you don't play!  Are you up for the "Buyer Challenge?"

We are looking for your entries with great anticipation, you now have until next week to get them in….so why are you still reading this post, you could have already been done entering YOURS!! 

Good Luck to each of you, and enjoy!!

FYI: I just searched for "Buyer Challenge" and look what came up?!?  You might not want to miss this challenge!!

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