The "Active Rain Invitation"

Do you invite others from our industry, and from your area to join Active Rain?  I just did a post
celebrating my 100th guest signing up.  Sometimes I use the “Invite Others” link on “My Home” profile. 
Other times, I have sent out email invitations just like the one below.  I was asked by another member
how I twisted peoples arms to get them to join.  I don’t, I just used my Active Rain Email Invitation
Please, feel free to utilize and modify it’s contents to work for you. 

If each one of you, (26,461 members) had just 1 person sign up, that would be over 50,000 members
over night!!  I hope this post triggers such an unprecidented event.  Tell a friend, invite your lender,
tell the co-op agent on the other end of your transaction.  Stagers, real estate attorneys etc., they are
all welcome.  If you don’t invite them, someone else will.  

Are you up for a challenge? I’d love to see your invite, or even the “Official Active Rain Invitation“.  
Here is my challenge to you, get one person signed up before Tuesday at Noon! (no time zone), and see
if we can’t help Brad win Kelli’s New Member Rum Cake Contest!!

Membership has its priveledges!   🙂

                                                  SAMPLE EMAIL INVITATION TO ACTIVERAIN


Don’t forget,  to put “your link” in the email invitations and on your email signatures.  That way, you get credit
for inviting new members and having them join under you.  I know points don’t really matter, but they do move
you up to the “Featured Agent” spot at the top.

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