The ActiveRain 2009 New Year Challenge

It’s The Official ActiveRain – Invite a New Member Day

By now, you have probably set your goals, or are setting your goals
and resolutions for 2009.  Jon, Rich, Bob, Jeff and I have set some goals ourselves, and we hope you don’t mind if we solicit your help.

On New Years Eve (and day), invite just “ONE” new member or friend to the community.  Our Goal is to get 1000 new members.  This has NEVER been done before.  300 is the most we have seen join in a single day.  We’d love if you could help us start the New Year by hitting our 1st goal.

Who should you invite? Anyone you know that can benefit from joining and contributing to our their community and industry. (not just fill out a profile) Maybe another team member, or the last person you had a transaction with? 

You could invite your sales rep, or your Lender, or Inspector, maybe even someone you used to work with in another office.  There are 28 Categories on ActiveRain to choose from, surely you can think of some”one” to invite from any one of these groups.

New Years Eve and Day are traditionally the time to go out and “Socially Network” and connect with others, this makes for a great time and opportunity to invite a guest or friend to join while you’re already out. 

We’ll start the “Goal Clock” at 9:00pm PST, that’s 12:00 midnight EST. which will be New Years Day in New York, and 7:00pm in Hawaii.  We’ll stop the clock at midnight (Hawaiian Time) New Years Day.  To get 1000 new members in just one day is most certainly a lofty goal, but it’s one we believe we can reach with your help.

Join in and help us hit our goal this New Year, by doing so, you may also be helping another person possibly achieve their goals for the coming year.  People helping People is an ActiveRain spirit, paying it forward is the ActiveRain Way.  So who might you consider inviting on New Year’s?

We will give 1000 points to any member who gets a friend to join during this time period.  That’s a total of 1,000,000 combined points.  In addition, if we hit our goal of 1000 new members, we’ll be doing something very special, but we want to be sure this is a realistic goal first?  We think it is…


ActiveRain’s Membership Drive:

The 1000 points is limited to a (One Time Bonus) per member.

New Members must sign up under you, and must activate their profile in order for
you to receive your bonus points.  Bonus Points will be awarded upon completion. 

New Members must join AR between the hours of 7:00pm (Hawaii Time)
on New Years Eve, and 12:00 midnight
(Hawaii Time) on New Years Day.


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