The ActiveRain Video Blog – "Video In Review" and Challenge

In addition to some of my other tasks and projects here in the rain, one of them is to make sure the ARVideo Blog keeps rockin and rollin.  Searching the web and all the Video hosting sites for good Video can be a daunting task at times.  I was wondering if you might be interested in helping me out?

I am searching the “World” and our community for more video.  You know the ones I’m talking about right?  Where are they?  Everywhere!  Youtube, Google, Yahoo etc.  When you happen to come across a good video and you feel it’s feature worthy, please send me a link.  (If you’re not sure, send me a link anyway)

The five Video types and styles I’m looking for are:  Real Estate Stories, Marketing, Technology, Local Features, Educational and of course Other. “Other” meaning open to ideas and suggestions. 🙂

Here are the TOP 20 FEATURED VIDEOS from the AR Video Blog since it started back in Feb.  These were selected based on having the most Hits, Clicks, Views and Comments.  They are the ones that Members and Visitors either found interesting or just liked the most. 

So sit back, take a look at these
, and then….  (see below)

Agent Uses Video To Move Properties

Real Estate Video – Does It Sell Homes

Goog411 – the most powerful phone service imaginable

How To of Staging

How NOT to use PowerPoint

Required Continuing Ed: Real Estate Embellishment 101

RSS in Plain English

Always Preview Your Showings!

How to Eat Sushi Huh?

ActiveRain 2008 Video Contest Winner – Mike Lefebvre    

Social Networking in Plain English

Sara Washburn and Nina Knaevelsrud

Look Who’s Buying a House in Alexandria, Virginia     

Videos for Real Estate

Real Estate in Black & White

Elements of Greatness

Power of Words

Exclusive Interview with Kelan the Great

ActiveRain Business Booster – TBWS Live

John Pinette – I Hate Lines!

What is your motive for action


This should be easy and fun.  If you see a video, or have some of your own that you’d like to submit, send the link(s) to me at or YOU CAN PUT A LINK in the comments here.  If that video is selected and featured, you will be awarded some points.  If it gets 20 comments or more, you’ll get some additional “Bonus” points, and your video submission will be added to this quarterly “Video In Review.” 
Our featured video on ActiveRain is changed every 24-48 hours. 

There’s really nothing more you have to do other than send me an email, or post a link here. 

CRITERIA: Video should be in a format that can be embedded into the ARVideo Blog
                       Video should be less that 6 minutes max in length (2-4 minutes preferred)
Video should be clear with decent audio if applicable
                       Video content must stay within the ActiveRain Guidelines and Terms of Service

So get out the popcorn, start searching the web, or open your camera case, and put that baby to use.

This is just one way that you can help to make our community an even better place.  Join me in a community effort to provide “The Best” video content which gives greater value to our members and consumers.  It’s the sharing of ideas and information that makes ActiveRain so powerful. 
                                            Help Keep ActiveRain Video Alive and Viral.

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