The Best of NAR 2009 Expo – Real Estate Technology

The Best of NAR 2009 Expo – Real Estate Technology

NAR each year is always packed with great sessions, speakers, topics and presenters.  There’s no way to see and do it all!  One of my favorite parts of the Convention is walking around, meeting people in the hallways, hugging old friends and shaking hands with new ones. This year, William Shatner was one of the special guests at NAR, but unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to sign him up on ActiveRain.

My absolute favorite is “cruisin” the EXPO and seeing all the “NEW” stuff that’s being displayed.  Many of the tools and services presented will have an affect and impact on the ways business will get done now, and in the future.

To See the more than 375 Booths and vendors that were there, here’s an interactive floor-plan you can visit.

NAR always brings back some of the same vendors you see year after year, but I still like to stop by and see them, and how their products have changed or improved. Then there’s all the new technology stuff I haven’t seen or heard of yet.  When I found a booth or vendor with a name I didn’t recognize, or if they that had something I hadn’t heard of, I’d ask them, “In a sentence, tell me who you are, what you do, and what does your company provide?”

So if you were unable to make it to NAR 2009 in San Diego this year, I hope you’ll take a moment to let me be your eyes, your ears, and your feet at NAR, and enjoy this condensed version of “A Day with Brad at the NAR EXPO” and see a few of the “highlights”that I thought were some of the “Best of the NAR Expo.”
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We collected Business Cards and had a drawing at NAR for 2 RainCamp tickets and $100.00 American Express Card and the winner was….drumroll…Tamara Dorris from Sacramento, CA.  Congratulations Tamara, we’re looking forward to seeing you at RainCamp.


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