The Evolution of the ActiveRain Blog

It’s only been 4 days since the announcement of the “Outside Blog Launch and we already have close to 1500 AR Blogs setup using the subdomain option.  We are starting to see many personalized Blogs evolve using custom domain names too.  Here’s some samples of the near 250 that I know are “Live” now.

It’s only been a few days, but IMHO, it appears the launch was a success.  We had a couple minor issues and glitches, but those can always be expected, especially when considering the level of participation we were counting on from our community.  Thanks goes out to ALL of you!!  In the first 24 hours, the launch post had over 140 comments and nearly 4000 views.  Tonight it has nearly 6500 views with 350 comments.  There have also been numerous other posts written both on and off ActiveRain.  WOW!  There is definately an Outside BlogBuzz!!

On Friday, I had the priviledge of doing a phone interview with Matt Carter from Inman News, it was very exciting.  We are the pioneers of this industry and we are taking Social Networking to the next level. I hope it’ll make the news on Monday.  The biggest bug issue seemed to be duplicate content which was nicely explained, and I hope it is now a better understood topic.  Thanks Bob, for that post.

Here are some of the Outside Blogs that have come out since the launch: They are personal domains by other AR members.  You can click on the thumbnail image if you’d like to go see their Blogs live.





There are too many great ActiveRain subdomain Blogs for me to list, I thought I’d start with these.

I know there are many others that are waiting for the nameservers to recognize their domain names, if I missed yours, I apologize, please feel free to add a link in the comments if you have created an AR Blog using your own domain name.  This is an exciting time for the ActiveRain Community, and to think we’ve only just begun. 

Thanks for all your support and patience in helping us get this rolled out, the best is truly yet to come.

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