The New ActiveRain Badges

The new RainMaker Badges are here!  You will notice today that scattered all through-out the community, there will be many different types of Badges and Avatars both on member profile photos and in the comments left on members posts.  It comes as no surprise that our tech team has once again beat me to the scene and this announcement of yet another enhancement in the rain.  Badges!  First off, I’d love to hear what you think about them and secondly, I’ll explain what each image represents.

Pictures In Comments and Badges – How Do I Get Mine?

The Rainmaker Badge: For members who have upgraded to a Rainmaker account, have a “new” outside ActiveBlog, currently sponsor at least one Localism community, or have spent at least $10 on a listing router campaign in the last 30 days.  In addition to the new badges, we also now display product icons below a user’s comment image that will show how they’re using and supporting ActiveRain. 

(your photo will show up in the comments if you’re using at least one of these ActiveRain products or services)

Badge Legend / Representation:

  = The RainMaker Badge

  = The Listing Router Badge

  = The ActiveBlogs Badge

  = The 300K Point Member

  = The Localism Sponsor Badge

Here are some samples of members badges that were selected from comments in my last post.
             Coming soon to members near you, the “NEW” Ambassador Badge, which I’ll save for another post…

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