URGENT – Help Me Get This PreSCRIPTion Filled



We are removing ALL <script> HTML codes from the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  Now that should have gotten your attention and maybe even ruffled some feathers.  Really though, we are removing script HTML coding from Blog Posts and the Blog Sidebars.  This may also remove some of the other issues we have been having on the network by doing so.  Having said that, here’s where we REALLY need your help, yes YOU!


What widgets, gadgets, applications, chicklets, and gizmo’s are you currently using on your Blog that you absolutely cannot live without?  Do you use MyBlogLog?  This is a script widget.  What about REtaggr, this too is a script widget.  Google Analytics?  Yep!  You can go to your “My Home” link, click on “My Settings” and see what <scripts> and HTML codes you have added to your Blog Description Box.  I need to get a list of YOUR <SCRIPT> widgets.


You will know it’s a script code by the <script> in the HTML.  It will most likely look something like this:


This is really more for the security and protection of our Network.  A malicious hacker could go in and write a script that could be harmful or fatal to the network.  I know we don’t have any of those types of members here now, but as we continue to grow, we need to protect the network and the Blogs of all our contributing members.


If you can let me know which ones you feel are a must, and that you would give up your right arm for, I will compile a list from this post and see which ones I can get blessed and approved.  If you need help trying to find where you have these scripts in your Blogs or Posts, please let me know asap, and I will try and help you.  They want to remove these asap.


Once we compile a list of trusted widgets and script codes, I’ll get them added to a white-list, then provide a post showing which ones we’ll be allowing on the network.  I’d like to start with MyBlogLog, RETaggr and Google-Analytics, are there others you’d like to add to this list?  Please take a moment to Help Me, Help YOU, get this Pre<Script>tion Filled.  Thanks.


Just FYI: – This will NOT affect <object> codes, video <embed> codes, and <a=href> codes.  Just <scripts>.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE ANYTHING RIGHT NOW!  We’ll keep you posted on the next steps. :-))

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