Week In Review – Top 10 ActiveRain FAQ’s – Volume II

Well, you asked for them, so here they are.  One of the great things about ActiveRain, as quoted by one of our members Tracy Saunders in the “AR Voices Video“, is that AR is the place to go if you have questions.  Once again, here are the TOP FAQ’s but this time for the week of March 2nd, 2009.  If you know of another member who may have some of these same questions or issues, please feel free to forward them this post.  I may not be able to provide this each week, but with time permitting, I will continue to do my best to put these out there. Thanks.

When I click on the “Contact Activerain” or send an email to support@activerain.com, I get back an email that tells me I sent spam.  Are you getting my emails and messages and why do I get that message?  I am a member!  Thank you.

  Yes. We are getting your email if you completed the request.  Activerain gets thousands of spam attempts everyday, you can’t even imagine what our programmers go through to keep our network safe and secure from spam.  Spammers want us too.  The email response you received regarding your contact to us is a spam protection, deterrent and confirmation email.  Read it again carefully… the yellow part is important, the green part you might have missed.  Please continue to use the “Contact ActiveRain” link and support@activerain email address.

How do I change my credit card information?  My card is about to expire, and I’d like to update it or change it? 

  First, be sure you are logged into AR.  Second, click on the “My Home” link in the upper right corner.  Third, click on the “Billing Information” link located on your left sidebar.  The “Billing Information” link is located just under the “My Home” “My Profile” and “My Blog” links.  You’ll see your account information there with a link to edit your account information.  It’s in the center of the page.

Brad, how do I sponsor Localism communities or neighborhoods?  I went to Localism.com and can’t figure out how to sponsor some of my areas or even see if they are available for me to sponsor?  Would you please please please help me? 

  The most common mistake people make is that they forget to login to Localism.  Just because you are logged into ActiveRain, you still have to login to Localism.com.  It is a separate site.  Once you login, (Quick TiP: it’s the same user name and password as you have on AR)  now click on the “Sponsor A Community” at the top of the page.  Use the pull-downs to select a State and County, then claim your City or community  (if available), then lastly, check out.  Here’s a post.  We have also fixed the site so our members can once again use American Express.

How or where do I find my ActiveRain member number, I know I have seen it somewhere?

  That’s a great question, and I get this one very often.  Go to your “my home” page, then scroll toward the bottom of the left hand sidebar.  At the bottom, you’ll see a link to “My Comments”, just hover your mouse over the link (Don’t Click On It) then look at the bottom of your browsers window and you’ll see the YRL appear.  It will be at the bottom of the screen and look something like this: https://activerain.com/action/blogs/comments/22617.  Your member number is the last number in that url address, in this case 22617 is my member number.

Why won’t my header load on my outside blog?  I keep getting a 500 error when trying to upload my new banner?

  This is another common issue but is easily corrected.  While in your outside ActiveBlog, click on the “Customize” link located in the top tool bar, use the browse button to find your banner then the upload button to submit it.  Notice the text along side the button that reads: (Your header image must be 960×134) This use to say “Looks best when…) but we changed it.  Your header/Banner image must be the right size or you may get this error.  Picnik.com is a great FREE on-line resource that allows you to resize and customize your images and photos.  Here’s one I created for my outside blog.   The secret is 960×134 only.

Why is there no link to my name when I comment on other members posts?  I see others that have links back to them?

  This has to be the top question of the week.  If you are not logged into Activerain while leaving comments on other members posts, you will not only lose out on the 25 points you get for each comment (up to 10 a day) but you’ll also lose out on the back-link to your profile on AR.  This is very common by both new and veteran members.  Always look in the upper right corner of your AR screens, if the top link in the corner reads “LogOut” then you’re in good shape.  If it reads “Login”, then I suggest you do that before commenting on posts.  We’ve all done it.  🙂
Understanding The ActiveRain Point System  https://activerain.com/blogsview/598850/The-ActiveRain-Starter-Kit

How do I change my AR password?

  OK…maybe this is the best question of the week, certainly the most asked.  To change your AR password, go to the “My Home” link and click on your profile (EDIT) link on the left sidebar.  At the top of your screen you’ll see a link to [Change Password] but be sure you are logged into AR first, and that you are in the edit mode of your profile page.  Then just click on the “Save Profile” button to finish and save.

How do I delete my comment or one from someone else from my post?  The delete and edit buttons are gone.  Help!!

  To delete a comment of either yours, or someone else on your post, just hover your mouse over the comment by you or the other member, and in the lower portion of the comment window you’ll see 3 options magically appear.  They are red links and say edit, delete, and report a concern.  After 24 hours, you no longer have the ability to edit your comments, but they can still be deleted or reported. 

If I post my listing or Virtual tour into an AR Group, is that the only place it will be visible?  How can I have it on my Blog and in the groups too without duplicating it for each group.  This could take me hours which I don’t have.  Can you direct me to the answer on this great network?

  Fantastic question that many of us long-timers forget about and take for granted.  You should create your posts on YOUR Blog always, then simply add them to the groups they pertain to.  While in the edit mode of a new Blog post, you’ll have the option to put a check mark in the boxes of those groups in which you’ve joined. (you have to join those groups before the check box option will appear) That’s the beauty, you can have your Blog post on your blog, and then added in up to 5 different groups through-out the “rain.” 

Be sure to read group descriptions, then be careful not to add non-relative content to those groups.  Some groups around AR have been known to hijack another members post.  lol~  I won’t mention any names like Club Chaos…oops.. did I say that out loud?  :-O

How can I change my user name on ActiveRain?  Will that affect my Blog any?  Also, I want to change my status from Real Estate Sales person to Real Estate Agent and I can’t find anywhere to do that?  Is there a post you can direct me to where I can find the answers?

  I saved the best question for last.  Only AR admin or staff can change your user name or category.  I will change yours from Salesperson to Real Estate Agent for you, but in regards to your user name, it won’t hurt if you have only written 1 or 2 posts on your Blog.  However, if you have written 50, 100, or 300, then I would seriously reconsider.  Here’s how your Blog is affected by your user-name.  My AR blog is https://activerain.com/blogs/activebrad and has 300+ posts attached to it.  If I change my user-name now, what would happen?  Eventually the crawlers and spiders will figure it all out and re-index it, but do I, or you really want to do that?  Here’s a post you might find interesting…

I hope this has been helpful, it sure took me long enough to complete this. lol~  It will hopefully save some members time in trying to find these answers in the future.  Be a good neighbor, share this with others, “Pay It Forward” when ever you can, and as often as you can. That’s really the ActiveRain Style & Way. 🙂

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