What if Active Rain Crashed? What would happen…

Not that this will ever happen, I just keep having these "horrible nightmares" that I wake up, go to check the
comments on my Blog, and get the dreaded screen below.  My heart misses a beat, I give a little gasp, fall out
of my bed, and then wake up with an increased heart rate.  Something has to be done to stop these silly dreams
of insecurity.  I keep saying I'll do something, or create a post or call someone etc…  well now I'm doing it!!


Seriously though, what happens if Active Rain crashes?  I want to know my data is safe and secured, or what
steps I need to take to insure everything is backed up and ok.  Is there a back-up server for the network?
Would I loose my Blog, comments, associates, groups, and responses?  I know how to backup posts and
what about the Associates, group information, and members.  How about my profile data, that has
been worked time and time again.

Is there an emergency plan for Active Rain? Is there an emergency plan for members?

Upgrading Active Rain: What affects does or will this have on possible data loss or functionality?  Please do not
mis-interpret this post, I just want to be more secure in the event something ever did happen.  Putting this post 
up will help inform others of the steps to take, or give them the security they'll need, knowing all their time and
efforts would not be lost in a "crash".

I'm sure that you have wondered this yourself, but just never really worried about it like me.  There are members
here that have in excess of 300 posts, 200+ Associates, 1000's of comments, and 100's of hours invested in
their Blogs. I am confident this has been addressed, I just need confirmation or clarification. Don't You?


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