A Message From the ActiveRain Staff!

What Is ActiveRain? – A Message from Your AR Staff and TEAM –

Last week or so, Jon wrote a post asking members What is ActiveRain? Many of you responded with some really great comments about “What ActiveRain Is” and means to you.  It got me really thinking about what ActiveRain means to me and why?  Then I began to wonder what it meant to the rest of our staff at ActiveRain?  I solicited each one of them with an email requesting them to share What ActiveRain Is and means to them?  The responses I received were too good not to share.

We are very fortunate to have this staff and team, each of them contributes an unmeasurable amount of effort and passion into this network and community.  I want to personally and publicly thank each of them for being here, and for taking the time to share their thoughts and sincere feelings with our members.  You guys make working here an absolute pleasure.  Thank you. 🙂

Here’s what they had to say:

Jon Washburn

“ActiveRain is greater than just a business. We have an incredible opportunity to change, and improve, the way an entire industry operates. Yet, we are doing something even more than revolutionizing an industry in need of change; we are enriching the lives of our fellow colleagues and creating one of the greatest caring communities in the world.  We are a part of something that is quite rare, something that is both exciting and humbling at the same time.

ActiveRain is my chance to contribute to something that is making a difference in the world. I am in awe of the potential for meaningful impact that can be made with our community. I am in love with the culture of caring that has been established and nurtured by our membership and staff.”

Bob Stewart 

I love that ActiveRain is a place that people go to build lifelong relationships. I don’t think anyone has ever set out on ActiveRain thinking, I am going to meet people that will impact my life, but it happens. People that get involved and engaged invariably build relationships that are meaningful. This is the thing that makes me the most proud about the community we have all built.”



Claire Cruver

“The community of ActiveRain is a wider world with which I gain some serious exposure that allows me to hone and implement new writing styles, test the waters of public opinion, and, of course, increase my own personal network a billion-fold.  Who knows when I might be looking for the next step in life; it helps to have that backup, those stepping stones in place, to forward myself personally or professionally.  The community, although created for the Real Estate Industry, provides so much more, including the interactions we often miss while cooped up in an office, the information required to handle our jobs in a becoming manner, and the catalysts to happiness via combined support, hard work, and community involvement. The community has allowed me to grow and mature, become more solid in my knowledge of both social networking and real estate, and refine my writing style down to something I can truly be proud of.

The workplace of ActiveRain is a different beast entirely.  Although it does provide the support and interaction that most offices do not, it is also the place in which we spend more time with our coworkers than our own families.  ActiveRain provides a base of community here in the office, as well, that allows a pseudo-brotherhood to form, one that most of us know that Jon worked hard in the beginning and throughout the hiring processes to accomplish.  On top of it, the workplace provides a solid force to be reckoned with simply in our combined willpower and drive to get the job done well.  AR is (as I’ve said many times) my second family, and no other job have I looked forward to more than this one every morning.”

Jeremy Blanton

“To me, ActiveRain is so much more than just the best Real Estate Network in the world.  Unlike any other job I have had, our members are more than just that.  They are our friends.  I can honestly say that some of the best friendships I have made are with members here on the network.  Some that I talk to more often than my own family members.  When I think back to the day I was hired on board I still am so highly honored to work for such an amazing company. 

The staff here is unlike any other I have worked with.  Everyone is committed to excellence & willing to work above & beyond the call of duty.  There are many nights that at after midnight I find myself, Brad, Jorgen, Bob, & Jon as well as other staff members burning the midnight oil.  Not because we have to, but because we want to for our amazing members.    That to me is a sign of commitment to our members to deliver the best network possible.  The passion that both members & staff have towards the network is unheard of and is the reason that I love this Network and my job here!”

Doug Ching

“ActiveRain is my extended family with all that a family entails.   A daily challenge as well as daily lessons learned.  We have a very open policy here, you have a problem with something or somebody or have an idea or concept you simply speak your mind and you will get an often brilliant and blatant response back.  We are adamant about the success and education of our members and the healing of our industry, Constantly implementing ideas that will spread the knowledge of how to generate business online.”


Joel Kruse

“ActiveRain for me is an incredible place where people from all walks of life can come to learn from one another, and about each other.  The wise help the new, and building professional and personal relationships has become a breeze!  When I was first hired on, I didn’t know everything about the company and what it does to help people.  But now I do!  My co-workers here are always alive and full of humor, light hearted, and have a impeccable work ethic!  I have never had the pleasure of working with such driven people.  This company has a clear goal, and that is to make everyone in the Real Estate industry as successful as possible.  I love my job!”

Mike Judge

I just love working on a site that people actually use every day.  The scaling problems we have here are engaging, and solving them provides obvious value to the business — so I feel like an asset rather than a cost.  Our code-base is also becoming better, simpler, tighter, faster, and this gives me a sense of pride in our craftsmanship.


Diego Algorta

“My participation in ActiveRain’s community has a very special point of view. I don’t participate in it via blog entries or comments. My commitment is to improve and keep all the techy stuff alive and kicking while trying to be as quiet as possible so I don’t disturb the community.  But I can tell from the content I’ve read, and my conversations with other staff members, that ActiveRain lives with passion. Passion from its members writing great content and creating long-lasting relationships, and passion from its staff making it all possible and promoting a great sense of membership.  What can I say about the rest of the team? Nothing but good words come to mind. I live and work from far from the Headquarters, but even-so, I’m part of the team.  A great team which makes me feel like if I’m right there.”

Craig Keller


“What I love so much about ActiveRain is how much each and every employee values the quality of the product that we provide our customers. It is so refreshing to work for a company where perfect design, and user experience, is a standard not an exception.


Kerrie GreenHalgh

ActiveRain is an ever evolving place where I am constantly learning the biggest and best ways to help our members market themselves successfully. The knowledge I’ve gained by working here has allowed me to actually hold my own while having a “techie” conversation with my brother-in-law.  That sure felt good!  The staff here at ActiveRain is so supportive and innovative, not to mention genius, that my one and a half minute “commute” to work is truly a joy!”

Steven Graham

“I love working at Activerain because I get to work with people all across the country and even canada.  I get to teach people how to make their business more successful.  This is a community where people from all types of backgrounds can get together and encourage, support and mentor each other without fear of rejection or criticism. We are a family that genuinely appreciates each others insight and expertise, where every member is better at something than every other member and we acknowledge that fact openly.  No matter how long any of us have been here we are always finding someone who knows something we don’t and is willing to share that knowledge with us.  

Where else on earth can you find over 150,000 people all getting along like one big happy family. Here in the office, I am excited to come to work every day not just for the friendships we all share and the great laughs that are here to be had every day and trust me, we laugh allot here.  We are exposed to some of the greatest leadership opportunities I have ever seen. Every day I am given the opportunity to lead someone to a better future for their career and life as a whole. The skills I learn here will no doubt serve me for the rest of my life as will the friendships that I have made here.”

Rodney Kei

“As a part of ActiveRain’s member services, I hear the good and the bad.  I love it when I’m speaking to a frustrated agent who can’t seem to get their blog post on the first page of Google.  When I show them how to blog properly and the blog that we just worked on together shows up on the first page, it’s almost like I can hear the light come on through the telephone.  That’s my pleasure!”



As for me, this is my Home.  ActiveRain is a very special network and community to me.  Every employee, member, and contributor adds something unique to the mix, and together we create something beautiful and powerful that I’m proud to be a part of.  Thousands of man hours, blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this Network and Community, and we’re dedicated and committed to continue making it better every day.  The relationships that are built here are life long, and the “pay it forward” culture continues to grow, attract others, and bring unprecedented value to our members. 

ActiveRain is the best and most rewarding job I have ever had.  I feel blessed to be part of this creative and dynamic Team whose Vision and combined efforts help create and contribute to one of the greatest communities and networks in the world, online or off.  Thank you to the staff and our members for helping to build and keep ActiveRain what ALL it is today. 🙂

Wishing you ALL the greatest success, your

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