Who Is ActiveRain’s Jeff Corbett – The XBroker?

Today I had the pleasure of having some fun with our very own Jeff Corbett.  At the last minute, I tricked him to coming on the RAIN Radio broadcast so we could chat about business and social media stuff.  What Jeff Corbett didn’t know is that prior to going “Live”, I placed a few calls today to arrange for a couple surprises.  This was a kick!  I’m only posting this because it was like “This Is Your Life” remember that program from years ago where they brought family and friends on the show to surprise guests, (some here may be too young to remember).  Jeff Corbett is a really bright guy with a huge history and background in many segments of this Industry.  He’s really is a very sharp guy, and he spills the beans on the air today!

Will the REAL Jeff Corbett please stand up?

I think we surprised Jeff C. today when I invited Jeff Turner to join us on the line.

So What do Jeff Corbett and Jeff Turner Have in Common? 

You’ll have to click “PLAY” to find out…

What did Ines have to say about Jeff joining AR and about the mysterious XBroker?

You’ll just have to listen to the show for the details on that one.  I took the Liberty to have a little fun with Jeff today and initiate him ActiveRain style.  I for one, am happy he’s on board.  I think he brings a whole new element of excitement to our team and the AR family, (even though he’s been around since the beginning) and I’m really stoked that Jeff is part of our staff now.  Welcome aboard my friend.

Thanks Jeff, I really enjoyed our chat with friends on R.A.I.N today.  So tell me, is there really a mask? :-O

Want to know more about Jeff Corbett? Take a Listen!                   

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