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Best Kept Secrets and Answers

Best Kept Secrets and Answers

How do you find the best kept secrets and answers to your most difficult questions and challenges? It used to be that if you wanted to know about something, or learn something new about a particular topic, you had to go to the library or to a school that offered a class!?

Today, all you have to do is go to the Internet and Google it.  The only problem is that Google returns thousands, even millions of pages with the same keywords and search terms as yours, and just how certain can you really be that the information you find is correct, or even accurate?

The same goes with all the other search engines, but how do you filter out the junk from the valuable and legit content?  Well, it’s easy.

Best Kept Secrets on Youtube

YouTube Video is about the most solid search engine that returns the most credible content!  Why YouTube you ask?  Because seeing is believing and when you watch most things and tutorials in a video, it’s more relevant, easier to understand and believe, and it removes the potential of one to wonder off within their own imagination.  While the comments on YouTube are ungoverned and quite atrocious, the video content is for the most part… Amazing!

I learned how to play the ukulele on YouTube.  My wife learned how to sew with her sewing machine on YouTube.  A friend of ours learned how to best change his baby’s diaper on YouTube. And today, I found the answer to the best kept secret in the world on YouTube.  “The Best Kept Secret of the Dollar!”  This one will really get you thinking.

Go ahead, try it! Search YouTube just as you would Google, Yahoo, or MSN for ANYTHING and see what you get?  Then compare it to your other search engine findings.  Even the search engines are now showing videos from YouTube as results in the top of their search engine results pages.


How To Add a Quiz To Video

How do you add a customized quiz at the end of your video? First of all you might be asking yourself why you’d want to? One reason would be to see how well your message was delivered? Based on the quiz results, you could determine the effectiveness of your content?  I bet you can think of more ideas, right?

Go ahead and click anywhere on the test image below to watch the 90 second video followed by a five question (multiple choice) quiz to see how it works in real time. You can see the results and your score when done, but what’s cool is that the author (me) also receives the results too.

Contact Forwarding

How was this created?  I used Camtasia to create the video and embed the quiz at the end. The video file was uploaded to a server for you to access via the above graphic.  The quiz results are shown to you and emailed to me. This allows me the ability to see and measure the results.

Adding a quiz to video is easy with Camtasia, and can be a great tool for measuring your effectiveness.
BTW – This new contact forwarding feature launched by my company is pretty awesome if you ask me.

NARdiGras in New Orleans – Come Get A Free 60 Second Video

It’s that time of year once again.  We’re packing up and getting ready to head out to New Orleans for the Annual NAR Convention, ActiveRain RainCamp, and REBarCamp.  I might even get lucky and make it to the Earth, Wind, and Fire concert.  WOW, what an action packed week this is going to be. 

Are you going?  If these aren’t enough great reasons to attend this year, then maybe this will be an added incentive to get you there.  I’m hoping you’ll at least come by and see me at our booth.  Here’s why…

A Free Offer to Zillow Premier Agents Attending NARdiGras

Agents attending the NARdiGras 2010 event in New Orleans are most certainly going to be hearing about the power of video in their Internet marketing and Branding strategies.  We’d like to do something special and unique for our Premier Agents at NARdiGras this year: Help you shoot a free 60 second video!


Zillow has partnered with Yahoo! Real Estate and vscreen to offer you the opportunity and chance to shoot a complimentary 60-second video. Once the video is created and produced, you can include it on your Zillow Profile, ActiveRain Blog, Website or anywhere else you see fit.  Adding video to your online profiles is a great way to personalize your brand and separate yourself from the competition.

Our free video offer will be available to the first 200 Premier Agents who sign up at the Zillow Booth (Booth #645) and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  It’s just one way of saying THANK YOU for your business, while also offering a tool and service that will enhance yours! Come one, come all, but come early and sign up.

See you all in New Orleans! Remember, we’re at the Zillow Booth #645

The Best of NAR 2009 – Here’s a few of the Top Technology Vendors I recorded at last years NAR Convention and Expo.

Real Estate Video Hosting – Dare To Compare

Here are 5 common Real Estate Video Hosting Sites that I wanted to test and compare. This is to demonstrate the quality of each host. I used the same exact video for each site. It’s a 2 minute video tutorial that I uploaded to the following locations. Play them, compare, and then you decide. These are all great video hosting services, each with their own unique tools and benefits, but for this post, I just want to compare the quality. Look what happens when you upload your original videos to these servers.

Youtube Video

Google Video

Viddler Video

Vimeo Video

WellcomeMat Video

Youtube Video Channels – There’s More That Meets The Eye

Introductions, Education, Information, Tools, Tips, News and Views are what many people on the Internet are still searching for and seeking out.  That’s exactly what we’re trying to provide for our Youtube “Video” visitors and guests, and you should be too. Youtube is STILL one of the top “most searched sites” on the Web.

Having just returned from the New York MLS Tech Fair in Long Island where I moderated a “Social Media & Video” panel of experts, I felt compelled to get this message out there to Real Estate Industry professionals who have not yet jumped onto the “YOU Tuber” or “Vlogging” video wagon. Experts also advised just “DO IT!”

Take a look at the videos in this Cooliris player: Our very own Michael at Inman’s Agent Reboot sharing some great information and tips about tools we offer, Spencer introducing himself, a Premier Agent giving their points and views and more. A great combination and variety of different people with unique and transparent personalities and opinions all delivered as a “visual” instead of in writing or text.

So are YOU using video and YOUR Youtube Channels to get found and deliver your message?

This multi-video player below is a great way to get numerous videos out to your readers in a single Blog post, page, or website. It’s made by Cooliris and as you can see is very user friendly.  You’re also less likely to lose your hard earned and sought after traffic to the competition, just be sure to always provide the very best content you can create, find, and offer on your video channels.

Take a moment to view some of these videos and then subscribe. You won’t want to miss some of the new stuff that’s coming up in the weeks and months ahead. If you want to embed a Youtube Channel Player like this Coolris player into your Blog or website, it’s easy.  Just let me know and I’ll hook you up.  I’m doing a “How-To-Widget” webinar on October 25th at 11:00am (PST) and I’ll make sure you’re invited to be one of our guests.

Youtube Video and Cooliris? Another Great “Visual” Way To Share.  Have a great weekend~

Youtube and Your Real Estate Videos

Many of us use Youtube to host a variety of Real Estate and personal videos. I noticed that when videos are done playing, in most cases, other videos will pop up on the screen that have a similar topic or title.  Does this hurt or help you?  I guess this depends on how you “see” it, no pun intended.  Having a video on your site or post can certainly help to create a more captive audience, but those next videos that pop up may be having a subtle and adverse affect.

Yesterday, I was watching a Real Estate Video that was really interesting. I watched all 3 minutes of it.  Then, when their video was finished, up came another agents video that had nearly the same title?!?   The second video was a bit more produced, had better sound quality, was clearly a higher quality camera, and seemed to have a better videographer.  Plus, the video was only 1:20 minutes long.  At the end of the “competitors” video was a phone number and annotation that included a call to action.  Hmm…

So how do you prevent your competition and others from coming up on “Your” Youtube videos? Hopefully this tip will help prevent this from ever happening to you…ever again.  When using Youtube Videos on your Blog posts or sites, you might want to take these next steps and precautions before pasting that object embed code.  I’ll use these screen shots below as examples in hopes this makes more sense.

You want this: Not This:

When you get or use ANY video from Youtube, there are some options available you may not be aware of.  This will come in very handy if you’re uploading your own or using any videos from youtube.   When you create or find the video you wish to link or embed into your site, you’ll see these options available located on the right side of the video.

Top Line is the URL used to provide a link to the video

Bottom Line is the embed code used to embed on your site

There is a tiny graphic just to the right of the embed code (a settings gear) that little blue thingy that probably 90 percent of people never see.  Click On it!  This allows you to customize and make changes to the video and player.

This is the culprit right here.

If you leave that box checked, you’ll have no control over what shows up after your video plays.  If you leave it checked, you’re taking a chance on having some videos pop up that might not “Best represent” you, your Blog or the site it’s being seen on.

This is happening with and to millions of videos, and they call it viral.  Can you see why now?

Once you get this out of the way, you can also customize your Video by changing the size and adding a custom border.  Just click on that “settings” graphic and it’s all there.  I suggest the 445×365 or 500×405 for ActiveRain Blogs.  Only copy the embed code for your video “AFTER” you have completed these steps, that is unless of course you don’t mind what videos come up after yours.

The video below is my 13 second claim to fame. It’s short, raw, and took me the least amount of time and effort to create other than getting to the place where I shot it.  Because it is titled “The Glory Hole” or “The Black Hole” you can imagine some of the other videos that would pop up in the viewer after mine. :-O  I sure didn’t want Mom to see some of those other videos that were supposedly related.  Yikes!  We won’t go there today.  This little video has had over half a million views with nearly 1000 comments.  Question is, where did they go and what did they see after mine…or YOURS?



This is what might happen to some of your “Rain Making Efforts” if you’re not real careful out there….

The Embedr – A Multiple RE Video Player

The Embedr – A Multiple Video Player

Embedr.com is a fantastic tool for allowing Youtube users to place multiple (up to 50) videos into a single player.  Search by topic or use individual video URL’s to compile and provide a unique and powerful video experience for your readers, subscribers, and viewers.  The Embedr is Free to use and only requires that you spend a few moments of time creating a video play-list or view-list that will benefit your target audiences.

Here’s an Embedr player featuring the Top 50 Most Viewed Videos on Youtube.

Imagine creating a relocation player, a Virtual Community tour and Listing compilation, maybe even interviews and updates about your hyper-local areas and neighborhoods.  Using a tool like this makes watching videos convenient, easy, and fun.  The best part is that you can setup multiple videos and use multiple players to share a variety of topics and useful information.

CoolPreviews – The BEST FireFox Add-on EVER!

CoolPreviews – The “BEST” FireFox Add-on “EVER!”

Access any link from any site or any page without ever leaving the page you’re on. The CoolPreviews Firefox Browser addon allows you to open any link or hyperlink within a webpage or site and it keeps the page you’re currently on open.  It’s a separate window that opens up and allows you full access and full interaction with that specific links landing page.

Let’s say you’re on Youtube looking at a List of Popular videos
, just hover your mouse over the title of any video, and Coolpreviews opens and plays that video in its own window right on your screen.  Want to know where that link and tiny.url go on Twitter or FaceBook?  Again, just hover your mouse over the link, and a window opens allowing you to preview, interact, comment, or even close without ever leaving your Twitter stream.

How Does It Work?

CoolPreviews adds a tiny little icon next to every title, link, hyper-link etc. and allows you to fully utilize any site, blog, or website without opening a new tab, launching a new Browser window, or leaving the page you’re currently on or reviewing.  Talk about a powerful tool when using Google Search??  No opening the link in a new tab, review sites and links on one screen faster and more effectively.  With CoolPreviews, you’ll Never hit the “back” button on your browser again.


CoolPreviews – The Firefox Add-on for “speed & efficiency” in Web Browsing.

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The Real Power of Youtube Marketing Exposed

The Real Power of Youtube Marketing – Real Estate Video on Youtube?

The POWER and Reality of  Real Estate Marketing using Video on Youtube may very well be Realized after you watch this video.  Youtube is the second largest “most searched” website in the world following Google.com.  TurnHere and ReelSEO created this short video on location at  SES in San Jose, CA. and explain in detail why you MUST be marketing on Youtube NOW!

“Greg Jarobe, co-founder of SEO-PR and author of “YouTube Marketing – An Hour a Day” talks at the SES San Jose 2009 conference about the power of YouTube Marketing. Greg talks about why internet marketing professionals and search marketers would be remiss to not leverage the power of YouTube.”


“YouTube is quickly becoming a valuable direct-response marketing solution to on-line business.” You should definitely be seriously considering any and every possible option to be using Youtube as a marketing platform and tool for your Real Estate Business.  Those who don’t, won’t, or can’t understand and see the value, will simply miss out on one of the greatest opportunities of this time and era.  Period!

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NAR 2009 EXPO – Top Real Estate Technology

NAR 2009 EXPO – Top Real Estate Technology

The National Association of REALTORS 2009 Convention, is always a great place to learn about the newest, latest and greatest products, tools, and services that are being used or newly introduced to the Real Estate Industry. One of our favorite pastimes is to venture the isles of the NAR Exposition Hall to revisit returning vendors, and to discover and explore the NEW vendors and their products.  These are the people, companies, and products that are changing the world of Real Estate and how business gets done today, and in the future.


The Real Estate Industry is changing, the market is changing, and the process for buying and selling homes in America is changing.  The question to be answered by ALL Real Estate Industry professionals is “Are You Changing with it?”  As new Real Estate Technology is introduced to the consumers who spend a great deal of time online researching many different aspects of the local Real Estate Markets, be sure you are providing them the products, tools, and services that will meet and exceed their expectations.  Websites and Blogs are no longer a place to “showcase” your trophies and successes!

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