Top 5 Contact Widgets for Blogs

Creating great content for your subscribers and readers, (and the search engines) is one of the most important things you can do to be successful with your blog or website. It may not be the most important though… One of the other major components is the “Call To Action” or the “Opportunity To Connect” At

Content Is King – Words Are Powerful

We’ve all heard that “Content is King” and this video proves an excellent point. It’s not “what we say” that matters as much as “why or how we’re saying it” that makes a difference in the world. The spoken and written words are powerful and they are the platforms in which our voices get heard.

How and Where to Find FREE Images and Photos for Websites and Blogs

Learn about FREE versus creative commons and understand the difference between share and share alike photos and more.  This video was recorded “LIVE” at RainCamp Atlantic NJ and is unedited. Also listed below are numerous other free sites and resources! In addition, here are 10 more great sites for Free Images, Graphics and Pics etc. Wikimedia PikWizard

How To Export and Import XML Files

Exporting and Importing XML Files Into WordPress using “ActiveRain – to – WordPress” One of the controversial features and benefits on ActiveRain is that members DO own their own content and can export it at anytime. It’s a good idea to always back-up your data on your computer and it’s a good idea to back