50 Content Ideas and Topics for Blogs

While content may be known as the online King, it’s your ability to gather and articulate useful content in a blog that counts.  Developing YOUR OWN voice and offline content will determine if you have what it takes to become the online King. Internet visitors will come and go by the thousands, but it’s the quality of your content that creates real-life and real-world opportunities and connections.

It takes contacts, appointments, and sales to help you establish your goals and success.

Take the things you learn and experience or do offline and share it online, it works every time.

  1. Create multiple hyper-local real estate market reports.
  2. Feature a local business or retailer and share why.
  3. What is the advantage or buying over renting or visa-versa?
  4. 5 things you need to know before you… (move, invest, rent, sell etc,)
  5. Show some home improvement before and afters in the community.
  6. Provide tips for FSBO’s and offer complimentary comparable sales.
  7. Tell a story – Every one has a story to tell – What happen? Why? How?
  8. Tips for buying foreclosure homes, REO’s, short-sales, and auctions.
  9. Highlight historical properties and community landmarks in area.
  10. TOP 10 FREE fun and family friendly things to do in the neighborhood.
  11. Benefits of staging a home for sale and how to do it for cheap.
  12. Provide a TIP checklist for home-buying, home-selling, renting etc.
  13. Explain the value of buyer and seller credits and how they work.
  14. Interview local affiliates and associates you work with, share their value.
  15. What types of loans are available and which one is best for who?
  16. Write about the local parks, zoos, community centers, schools etc.
  17. Share property tax information and how one can make adjustments.
  18. Everyone always needs a Home Safety Tips and reminder checklist.
  19. Do you have vacation homes and rentals in the area?  Make a list.
  20. What can buyers expect to happen at closing?
  21. What can sellers expect to happen at closing?
  22. The 10 things you’ll want to remember when you move.
  23. Share all the new and upcoming construction in your marketplace.
  24. What 5 things can you avoid that can kill a transaction.
  25. Tips to help owners improve the curb appeal of their homes.
  26. Explain the credit score, how it works, where to get it, how to repair it.
  27. Understanding the foreclosure process.
  28. Understanding the short sale process.
  29. Things to know and understand when purchasing investment property.
  30. What to look for in a home inspection for both buyers and sellers.
  31. Select and feature a local restaurant, photos, links, interviews, video.
  32. Is there a difference between a condo, town-home, and single family?
  33. How do you market real estate differently than others?
  34. What is earnest money and how does that work?
  35. Top tips and secrets on ways to conserve a homes energy.
  36. How does zoning affect real estate and what types of zoning are there?
  37. Provide tips for Pricing a home to get it sold in local market conditions.
  38. Explain legal real estate terms and real estate acronyms.
  39. What is a lien and how do they affect real estate?
  40. Share a list of home buyer tips and trends.
  41. Explain the difference between a CMA and an appraisal.
  42. What is a Good Faith Estimate?
  43. The difference between an adjustable, fixed rate, and variable loan?
  44. Certifications and real estate designations, what do yours mean?
  45. Share your community experiences: volunteering, public service etc.
  46. Provide a list of FREE community resources and local events.
  47. Where to get the most for your money on home improvements.
  48. Create a moving checklist with phone numbers and links.
  49. When is a good time to buy or sell real estate for buyer and seller.
  50. Share your experiences, wisdom, expertise, and knowledge as content.

If you’re looking for additional content and ideas for blogging, search in your email sent folder, there you will find a plethora of wisdom and knowledge and answers to questions your clients have been asking for years.  Another great place for content is to search the Q&A section of many online real estate sites and forums. Start Right Here.

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