ActiveRain Members and RainMakers – Do You Need Help?

ActiveRain Members and RainMakers – Do You Need Help? I’m looking for AR members who feel they need some training and coaching.  There are many great trainers and classes/coaching offered out there, but they might NOT be what you’re looking for and what you REALLY NEED. Are You Serious? Are you Ready? What are your

ActiveRain Community Guidelines

ActiveRain Community Guidelines – This is a copy of the guidelines Post by Jonathan Washburn PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT HERE!  This is just the guidelines in which this group will build it's foundation! Respect the Real Estate Industry  ActiveRain is a place where real estate professionals can network with their peers and discuss industry insider

How To Backup and Export Your ActiveRain Blog Posts

How To Backup and Export Your Blog Posts – ActiveRain NEW Feature On August 18 @ noon CST, we launched the ability for members to export all of their blog entries to a single, compressed XML file. Its open nature will allow for the development of third-party import tools. Exporting your posts from ActiveRain has

RainCamp is Coming To San Francisco

RainCamp is Coming To San Francisco The ActiveRain RainCamp Tour is Official!  Our first ever RainCamp in Seattle was sold out in just two weeks.  Now there’s a demand by many of our members and non members to bring RainCamp to cities all across the Country.  As you can imagine, this is a huge undertaking

The New ActiveRain Badges

The new RainMaker Badges are here!  You will notice today that scattered all through-out the community, there will be many different types of Badges and Avatars both on member profile photos and in the comments left on members posts.  It comes as no surprise that our tech team has once again beat me to the