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If you can remember what you had for breakfast two weeks ago Tuesday, then you probably don’t need a CRM. That would mean you also know who you promised to contact two weeks from this Thursday as a follow-up call at 2:30pm. Most people can’t remember what they just read above so a good CRM might just be in order.

Having a good CRM or Contact Management application or program is the most important part of having a flourishing and successful business period. Everything from prospecting, tasks and to-do’s, marketing and advertising, drip campaigns, contact management, and follow-up can all be handled properly and effectively with the right tools and CRM.

What really makes a good and effective “management” system is one that meets the needs of you and your business. The time and effort it takes to create and setup a CRM correctly will always be worth it in the long run. Too many small and large business professionals don’t realize this until it’s too late. There ARE industry specific programs available out there.

The following presentation is used for a CRM training class I teach to Real Estate Industry professionals all over the country. Although it focuses on a variety of Contact management aspects, you’ll find it points out many of the common dilemmas faced in today’s fast paced, online society. Once you get past the bottle-neck of road blocks, a good CRM can and will clear the path to success.

There are quite a few programs and applications mentioned here so you can be selective in choosing the one that is just right for you, you clients and prospects, and your business.

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