The Virtual Real Estate Office – A "Live" Tour and Update

Some of you will remember my post awhile back about theFuture Real Estate Office or Brokerage.“  This post and video received a ton of attention and though many of the comments reflected a controversial and expected response, others agreed and saw this type of technology and office being the future of Real Estate in regards to the traditional “Brick and Mortar” office.

Last month I wanted to follow up with this particular company to see personally, where they are, what they’ve done, how it’s working, and most importantly, is this new “Virtual Office” technology really working for them and their clients?  It’s easy to get excited about this type of technology and many will see why after watching the video below, but the REAL question is always DOES IT WORK? 

Come join me and a few others as we explore the “Virtual Office” concept, and interview some of the Brokers and Top Agents using this technology effectively in the *NEW* on-line world of Real Estate.  We’ll be doing an update from our last interview back on December 11th, 2009, to see where this is all going except this time we’ll be doing it “Live” at ActiveRain University.  You can come along and join the ride for FREE.

I have always been fascinated with this type of technology, but it’s the service to the client that I see as an even greater value and a reason you may want to know more about this and join us for this class/webinar.  I’m giving everyone plenty of notice so there’s no reason you should or can miss this.  Believe me, my first interview with these guys was amazing, I can only imagine where they have come with all of this by now.

The “Virtual Real Estate Office” Live webinar is scheduled for Thursday, July 22nd at 10:00am.
You’ll want to “virtually” be there, the seats to this one will be gone fast.


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