Training and Support – The Schools’s Open

ActiveRain Training and Support – Your Virtual Classroom

I’m now offering RainMaker members an opportunity to join us for some “informal” on-line training and support.  Our ActiveRain Training and Support Program is where you can phone in, join a classroom environment, ask your questions, see live examples and get detailed tutoring on “how it all works!”  The best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your home or office computer, and classes will be available three times a week for your convenience.  Time for the teacher to give YOU an apple.

There’s no formal agenda, no formatted sessions, no rules, and no reason for you to not be getting the most out of your experience here on ActiveRain. We’ll go over any requested details, and provide you information on how to use many of the AR tools and services.  We want to show you how to get the best results from areas of AR that you may not understand or just simply need some help and support with.

This is a great opportunity and chance to learn anything you want to know about ActiveRain, and do it in a non-threatening and fun environment.

Training and Support sessions will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for approximately one hour each day.  *Holidays, *RainCamps, and other *Real Estate Industry events that conflict with our ActiveRain training and support classes will take precedence, sessions will not be held on or during those dates and times.

Our dates and times selected for the first come first serve training and support this month are as follows: (ALL Times listed below are PST)


For ALL Classes, Support, Guests Speakers/Trainers, and Daily Events:
Go To: ActiveRain University

To Register in Advance – Click on Calendar

You’ll also find a link on the Main ActiveRain Home Page under “More Information”

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