Facebook Bugs and Known Issues

Did you know there are literally millions of frustrated Facebook users?  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of known glitches, bugs, and malfunctions on the site. I had no idea it was this bad until I did about 2 minutes worth of research only to discover that there is no help, no support staff to assist

Mozilla Firefox is Different By Design

The new Mozilla Firefox update has some great new features and enhancements, but what I really like is the video message they have shipped with the new upgrade. They aren’t public, they don’t have a profit margin, they don’t shake the same hands as everyone else, but they’re a pack of independently spirited, fiercely unconventional

The Future is Social, Mobile and Local

SMM – SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING The future success of global business is definitely Social, Mobile, and Hyper-local period.  Successful businesses and entrepreneurs are looking to the Internet and all its resources to remain on top of the social media marketing and advertizing game.  Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn have long-term staying power and

Avoid The .COM 7% Price Increase

Word came to us today that the .COM prices are going to experience some inflation. According to Bob Parson, CEO and Founder at GoDaddy.com, On January 15, 2012, VeriSign®, the registry for .COM will increase prices – .COM will go up 7%.  That may not sound like much unless you own many domain names. How

Top 1000 Most Visited ClusterMap Sites

Clustermaps, a traffic reporting and analysis tool, reports their most trafficked sites on a daily basis.  The list is updated every day at midnight and then posted for the following 24 hours.  There are over 11 Billion maps currently being served across the web.  We’re excited to announce that we made the Top 1000 Most

Will Kindle Fire Beat-Out Apple iPad

The mobile tablet technology movement is on “fire” and Amazon has just released the new Kindle Fire. The tablet appears as though it will provide the same valuable components and features as the iPad minus the built in camera and at less than half the price. Has the Apple iPad finally met its match? The