The Mobile App That Kills Junk Mail

It’s one thing to go through your email inbox and remove unwanted spam and solicitations but what if you could do the same thing with the spam that comes daily from the post office in your regular mailbox?  Do you believe in Paper Karma? How many times do you get mail that you just throw is the Real Deal

Finally an online site, service, and tool that allows you to capture, share, and store the most valuable of commodities ever known to man… photos!  The Internet and world has long needed something in this life (no pun intended) that will do exactly what This Life does. Kodak (now known more as digital media) moments

Google Glasses Get Digitally Enhanced

Google is calling this “Project Glass” on Google plus, and I think it’s brilliant, but I know there are those who will disagree.  The future and this technology will make social media and networking as easy as blinking or breathing air.  Tasks that take sometimes minutes, hours, and even days to accomplish could be achieved

The Global Social Media Epidemic

Lets face it, Social Networking use to mean getting together at a local event to meet and greet others, exchange information and business cards, and even rub elbows with influential people that you could build deep and meaningful relationships with that could impact your business or personal lives. Today it’s a quick text message or

Top 10 Web Addictions With No Cure

Are You Connected?  Or Are You Addicted? Is the Internet really just another tool, resource, and way to get information? Many are in denial but the truth is that there is an epidemic of massive proportions called “WEB ADDICTION” and to date, no real focus on a cure.  Society has accepted that, for the most

5 Tips To Create A Startup Business

There are but a few critical pieces needed to create a successful start-up business today.  In this example, you’ll see that it doesn’t take much and that it all stems from a simple GREAT idea that you can expand on and yet still have fun at the same time. Here’s five important pieces of the

Funniest Real Estate Videos

These are some of the funniest real estate related videos I have stumbled across on the Web.  If you are easily offended or take opinions and others perspectives personally, it’s probably best that you don’t watch these. They are intended for amusement and do not represent my personal opinion or express my personal beliefs about

How and When to Use Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are basically short little video segments (3-7 seconds) that are created from graphics, photos, and short video streams.  Animations are often found on websites, blogs, and on various sites and locations around the web.  Sometimes you’ll find sites that use them in abundance, even overkill if you will, and then they can become