Secret Tips & Tricks for Youtube Video

Here’s a Secret Tip to Creating Links That Result in Full Screen Video Playback Have you ever wanted to add a link to your blog or website that would result in the user ending up on a full screen video?  Normally when someone clicks on a link to see a video, they end up on

10 Ways To Lose Online Business

These are just some of the ways I’ve seen both large and small business owners fail or lose business from their online efforts or lack thereof.  There is no perfect science for online success, but there are some simple principles and methods that should be considered if you’re serious about building and growing your online

QR Codes With a Different Approach

What would it take to get you to scan a QR Code when you see one? That is the $350,000.00 question of the day!  (hint-hint)  I’ve been researching these little ugly bugs for quite some time now and have determined that we need to find a better way to increase participation and conversion. People are

How To Prepare & Reach Your Goals

Defining Your Goals and Business Plan Coach Tom Ferry does and “outstanding” job breaking down what it takes for you to meet your business and financial goals for the year.  In this short video, he explains the critical key components needed to achieve personal success. Tom travels the world coaching some of the top minds and

Will Kindle Fire Beat-Out Apple iPad

The mobile tablet technology movement is on “fire” and Amazon has just released the new Kindle Fire. The tablet appears as though it will provide the same valuable components and features as the iPad minus the built in camera and at less than half the price. Has the Apple iPad finally met its match? The

The New Facebook Timeline Profiles

Tell your life story with a new kind of Facebook profile page! The new Facebook Timeline profile pages will feature a Cover. The new Facebook Timeline profile pages will feature your Stories. The new Facebook Timeline profile pages will feature your apps. There is no date set yet for launch, but if you’re interested in

A Daily Resource for FREE Training

A Daily Resource for Support & Training     San Diego State Professor joins Zillow Academy Special Announcement: Professor Leonard Baron, MBA, CPA, will be our special guest this month.  Save a seat to take advantage of his real estate training and investing skills that until now were only available through SDSU classrooms and his books.

How To Create Squeeze Landing Pages

Squeeze or Landing pages also know as “Splash” pages are very popular right now and intended to do one thing and only one thing.  Cultivate, Capture, and Convert contacts or leads into clients or buyers of your products and services. How to create an individual or single landing squeeze page There are many ways you

The Power of Twitter and Television

#Hashtags, @Tweeters, Curated Tweets, Retweets, and Live Tweeting? If you think that Twitter is not making an impact into every crack and crevice of the world including television, you are terribly mistaken. Twitter and TV are making a huge social media impact amongst viewers and tweeters. Chris Smith from Inman.Next just did a webinar titled